Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic reminders; it’s also a great excuse to celebrate friends, family and co-workers who make our lives happier. This Besties card from FareWell Paperie would be a great way to send your friends a little “you’re great” note, and it even splits in two, just like elementary school heart necklaces. I was never on the receiving end of one of those (I am forever uncool), but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this paper version might be within the realm of possibility. If you’re looking to send your bestie a note, click here to pick up one of these cards online. xo, grace

*PS: Because I can’t resist making two Big Bang Theory references in one week, here’s another one to go along with this title. I love when Amy Farrah Fowler calls Penny her bestie.


I need these! I feel like I overuse the word “besties” on my blog. I can’t help it, it’s like the perfect cute slang word!


I got my BFF this fab “Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day” card for Valentine’s Day (a 30 Rock reference): But we could definitely be “Besties” too if you love The Big Bang Theory as much as I do :)


this is such an excellent idea! i’m sending to this to my bff, who just moved to a different state. i think she’ll love it!


Reading your blog weekly now for a few months – inspired! But I have to say that your Big Bang references have now sealed the deal (geeky but true!) Cheers Grace!!