best of: stripes

I think if you took a vote from the d*s team, stripes would rank pretty high on the list of all time favorite patterns. They are so easily incorporated into every style of decor and just add the perfect little pop of color. I searched through the Sneak Peek Archives to find my favorite examples of stripes in homes! Let’s just say it was a little hard narrowing down the field. -Amy A

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Image above: Lara Collins’ Fredericksburg, Texas house is also home to two beagles, several milk goats and a cow fromsneak peek: lara collins

Image above: Stripes in Annette Joseph’s summer home in the Cinque Terre from sneak peek: annette joseph

Image above: Bright yellow in the Angela Hardison’s Arizona bedroom from sneak peek: angela hardison

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Image above: The striped stair carpet by Crucial Trading hides the signs of pets and kids! from sneak peek: maxine sutton

Image above: The rug and striped pillows in the living room are vintage pieces from Marrakech that came to Cambridge, Massachusetts via Berlin from, Elgarafi from sneak peek: nadja lavin

Image above: The wallpaper from Rayeurs by Elitis from Jeffrey Michaels & Co was installed horizontally in sneak peek: rosy levy

Image above: A chair is from Scout, a fantastic spot to find rehabbed vintage wares in Chicago from sneak peek: sara and michael hunter

The striped rug in this Seattle living room is the perfect spot for one of Ally’s two dogs to relax from sneak peek: ally of from the right bank to the left coast

Striped Ikea rug in this Brooklyn bedroom from sneak peek: lisa maycock of vena cava

Image above: Striped rug in this summer home in Ghent New York from sneak peek: eric teng

Image above: The blue and white bedspread gives the bedroom a nautical feel from sneak peek: joel fitzpatrick

Image above: Red and white striped curtains in Vivian and John’s Atlanta home from sneak peek: john and vivian of square feet studio

Image above: A striped bedspread in Ghent, Belgium from sneak peek: caroline de winter

Image above: Striped wallpaper in this Swedish bedroom from sneak peek: hetta

Image above: Neisha Crosland’s “candy stripe” wallpaper from sneak peek: karen barlow

Image above: Striped pillow from sneak peek: max & linda of wallter

Image above: Joy Thigpen hand-painted rainbow stripes in her daughter’s Atlanta bedroom from sneak peek: joy thigpen

Image above: A 1930s therapist chair covered in an antique Mexican rug from sneak peek: elisa carlucci

Image above:  The blue striped suede bedding was handmade from a remnant bolt from sneak peek: corbin lee gurkin

Image above: The striped chair pops in the neutral living room from sneak peek: kelly moseley

Molly Cooper

Mmm, beautiful collection of images! I’m moving soon, and looking at this got me really pumped for decorating my new space :) Thank you!


The striped staircase and rainbow striped bedroom are my very favorites!

Makes me want to go put up some stripes.

maison marigold

This is an amazing post…I’m loving all the stripes..that duvet with yellow edges is just gorgeous..I’m also loving the grey walls in the first two images..thanks for sharing, Grace!! xx meenal


i’m a stripe-aholic too— i especially like the ikat + stripes combo on John’s bed. but does anyone else wonder if these are going to look very of-this-era in a few decades?


two photos with the same duvet? i do love it… any idea where it’s from?


Does anyone know where I can buy those “LOVE” pillow sets from the first photo? They are fabulous!


Yipee! I was hemming and hawing for an hour over a striped duvet and am SO happy I got it now that I see these amazing photos. Thanks so much! One of my favorite posts so far :)


Wow! What a nice collection. It’s really a great design. Maybe i must have to start applying stripes at my home and choose the right modern home furniture that fits to the new stripes interior design.


Striped Duvet cover with Yellow border is by Dwell Studio. If you are in Canada, on the West Coast, Dream With Me in Nanaimo sells Dwell.


I love this post. The grey stripes with yellow things…