best of: chandeliers

I’ll spare you the obvious comparisons to earrings (just know that I’m really holding back here!), but in my mind, there’s not a room in the home that could do without a little chandelier magic. (Full disclosure: my very first column for Design*Sponge was about chandeliers, so I’m a little sentimental about the topic!) In searching through the sneak peek archives, I found plenty of fellow chandelier lovers — chandeliers in and over bathrooms, bedrooms, stairwells and dining room tables! If there’s space on the ceiling, chances are someone has tried to put a chandelier there. And if there’s no ceiling space, they can even look stunning as sculpture! — Amy A.

Image above: The chandelier as a sculpture in this three-room Berkeley, California, bungalow from sneak peek: diva of linea carta.

Image above: A modern chandelier hangs over a window seat in a home just outside London, from sneak peek: gemma ahern.

Image above: From sneak peek: maya marzolf of le grenier

Image above: A small crystal chandelier adds sparkle to the cool, gray room of “Behind the Bar” editors and Horne owners, Ryan and Alissa Walker.

Image above: This little kitchen alcove gets some chandelier glitz, from sneak peek: melanie coddington.

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Image above: Love the juxtaposition of the ornate chandelier and modern furniture in this dining area from sneak peek: xenia taler.

Image above: Glittery chandelier at home in a rustic California cabin, from sneak peek: nancy neil.

Image above: A vintage chandelier in an updated bathroom, from sneak peek: kelly teasley.

Image above: Another perfect juxtaposition — vintage chandelier paired with the modern Bellini chair, from sneak peek: matthew bird.

Image above: A wire chandelier hangs over the sofa in this London living room, from sneak peek: catherine hammerton.

Image above: Chandelier in a Ramsgate, Kent, living room, from sneak peek: maxine sutton.

Image above: The massive mirror over the fireplace mantle in this Paris apartment magnifies the intensity of the Gothic-style chandelier, from sneak peek: gabriel wick and olivier.

[image above: A black glass chandelier hand-blown in Murano now hangs in an East Hampton living room, from sneak peek: allison julius of maison 24.

Image above: This chandelier in Fort Smith, Arkansas was rescued from a house slated for demolition. From sneak peek: sarah ridgely.

Image above: Another chandelier juxtaposition — modern dining furniture and an antique fixture (clearly, this is a look that works!). From sneak peek: ally of from the right bank to the left coast.

Image above: An above-the-bed chandelier in a Brighton, England, home. From sneak peek: nineteen seventy three.

Image above: Just a little glimpse of the chandelier in Franziska Wodicka’s Berlin shop, from copenhagen chronicles: schubladen.

Image above: A kitchen chandelier in an Austin bungalow. From sneak peek: penny de los santos.

Image above: Antique brass brutalist-style fixture in this Upper West side New York City apartment, from sneak peek: lauren stern.

Image above: Modern living room chandelier in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, from sneak peek: amanda orcutt of amandromeda.

Image above: Once you have one chandelier, you might as well spring for two! This chandelier belonged to Amanda’s grandmother. From sneak peek: amanda orcutt of amandromeda.

Image above: Another example of classic chandelier placement in the dining room. This one is in Nashville, from sneak peek: ruthie sayles.

Image above: The Gothic-style fixture is this dining room’s crowning glory. From sneak peek: amy osaba.

Image above: This may be pushing the definition of “chandelier,” but I couldn’t resist including this modern drop fixture from sneak peek: portland four-square.

Image above: This chandelier has seen plenty of Parisian dinner parties. From sneak peek: hidden kitchen.

Image above: This chandelier in Berkeley, California, matches the owner’s collection of vintage turquoise cream pitchers. From sneak peek: hannah berman of pie bird press.

Patti Friday

They are the match that lights a room. Such a statement. One fixture indicates the home owners’ personality! I adore them. All so unique and spirited. Excellent post!


awesome collection! i got totally distracted by all the gorgeous rooms, but on a second look there are some really amazing fixtures here! how much do i love that glittery chandelier in the super minimal brick room?


Oh my….and don’t forget the one brass chandelier painted red with round lightbulbs that you posted as a renovation on a Thursday a while back….you can’t tell that that one is my favorite…right?

sara s.

i love chandeliers! they’re so ladylike and dramatic – i can’t wait to live somewhere that permits updating the light fixtures! :)


Any idea where the modern drop fixture in the Portland home is from? It’s amazing!


used a particular auto repair garage in austin, tx solely because they had a chandelier in their bathroom.


I purchased the bubble glass chandelier in the second picture. It arrived with a bunch of pieces broken — I was so disappointed. The next time I’m in NY, I’m going to purchase it in person. It’s a gorgeous fixture.


I’m crazy about that bubble chandelier! I saw one in a furniture store several months ago for waaayyyy out of my budget. So I’m really glad you posted this because the owner of that chandelier up there commented on the source in the original post (Prospetto Lighting- ‘Bubbles’) and now I can find it online for within my budget :-)


I have a cute little chandelier that I painted, but it’s missing all of its wiring…does anyone have a link to a good *beginners* rewiring tutorial?