before & after: dining nook diamond wall design

I’m super excited to share today’s first Before & After project for two reasons. One, I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with three-dimensional wallpaper ideas and other sculptural wall treatments, so this fits perfectly into my current obsession. And two, I think it’s awesome that the creator of this amazing diamond wall pattern, Dana Frieling, decided to tackle this project so that she could step outside her comfort zone and learn how to use power tools. Way to go, Dana! The result looks well crafted and professional, and I love the monochromatic color choice; it gives the pattern a sculptural and elegant feel without being overbearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the new best room in the house. I know I’d spend a lot of time in here gazing at this lovely wall. Well done, Dana! — Kate

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Time: 15 hours

Cost: $130

Basic Steps: Determine the size of your diamonds and then measure your wall space. Create a grid on graph paper to determine pattern and spacing. My husband and I used thumbtacks and fishing line to make a plumb line, which helped transfer our plans from the paper to the wall. Construct the pieces from pine, then sand and paint. Adhere with liquid nails and finishing nails. Finish up by sanding out the transitions and touching up with paint.

My advice is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. The entire reason I tackled this project was to learn how to use power tools. My husband was patient enough to “teach” me as we went. Also, don’t be afraid to attach things to your walls. So many people are held back from amazing design because they can’t get beyond the “permanence” of a treatment such as ours. Nothing’s permanent! — Dana

Click here to find more information and how-to instructions for this wall treatment on Dana’s blog.


I love graphic and dimensional furniture and wall treatments (this is creative and eye-catching), but they add multiple surfaces where dust collects–and my family has serious dust allergies. Must appreciate from afar. *sigh*


I LOVE this! So visually stunning. May have to steal this idea for my kitchen!!


Absolutely stunning! (I thought about the dust factor, too, but a weekly swipe with a fluffy microfiber mop would probably do the trick.)


yes-the wall is great but the puny lamp over the table with those fab chairs really gota be changed


Two things: I love the pattern, it’s beautiful! And I also love the paint color, can you please share the paint color? Not sure if it were mentioned but my crying baby at 6 am is distracting :) I am bookmarking this and showing it to my boyfriend. We have been looking for inexpensive wall art ideas for our dining room. This project just fits the bill. I’m in love!


Waaaay cool! I can’t help but wonder if you planned around that outlet or just lucked out…I probably wouldn’t have thought of it up front. I love that not all the “columns” go floor to ceiling…truly inspired.


Looks great!! I bet you could also use frames from the art supply store that artists stretch canvases around so that you don’t HAVE to use power tools.