before and after

before & after: children’s dresser refresh

by Kate Pruitt

Yellow is rarely my color of choice, but with all the cold, dark dreariness that winter unloads on my apartment, I’m really appreciating the energy of this beautiful, sunny chevron dresser. Courtney and her husband originally scored this dresser off Craigslist and painted it solid, but when they moved to California, Courtney decided to jazz things up a bit. Her chevron pattern addition is brilliant; it does so much for the personality of this piece, and the solid white drawers are a markedly sophisticated touch. Not bad for $12 and 2 hours :) Great job, Courtney! — Kate

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Time: 2–3 hours (12 hours drying time)

Cost: $12 for painter’s tape; the dresser cost $50, and the previous paint and hardware update was $50 for the supplies

Basic Steps: This is an antique dresser that I bought off Craigslist. It originally had a mirror attached, and we simply puttied the holes before we sanded and painted it. My hubby sprayed it with a borrowed paint sprayer and a gallon of paint and primer (in one): Glidden Spicy Banana Pepper Yellow. We used it like this in our Baltimore row house, but with a recent move to California, I felt like it needed more pizazz. So we painted the chevron pattern by taping it out with painter’s tape and using a can of Rustoleum white spray paint. It was a super simple update, which was inspired by a chevron-painted ceiling I saw.

THE BEST ADVICE I have is using Green FROG tape. It is AMAZING for keeping clean paint lines. Also make sure and take your time when taping. Also try to be as patient as possible when waiting for it to dry before removing the tape. It is so hard for me every time I do a project because I cannot wait to remove the tape and see the amazingness . . . but the Hubs always makes me wait, thank goodness ; ) — Courtney

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