ariel dearie flowers

Last fall I was waiting in line for brunch at Five Leaves and stumbled upon the cutest little pop-up flower table. Rows of tiny arrangements were being sold and taken home in petite cups, and it took everything I had not to bring them all home. I tucked the florist’s card in my pocket and have been following her online ever since. Ariel Dearie is a Brooklyn-based florist who grew up surrounded by the romantic, overgrown courtyards of New Orleans. That loose, lush feel creeps into her work, whether it’s a small arrangement or a wedding bouquet. I love looking at flowers for inspiration inside, so if you’re interested in a little flower love this morning, click here to check out Ariel’s portfolio online. (You can check out her blog here, too.) xo, grace

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Abby Grace

Oh wow, the arrangement in the third photo down is really beautiful! I love the vase used, too. She’s really creative with the bases she chooses- definitely going to check out her blog!

Holly (The Apiarist)

The arrangement in the second photo down is intoxicating; I love how part of the boquet is winding its way down the table as if it’s looking for a snack. I am definitely inspired to use more fresh flowers in my home. Thanks for sharing!


what incredible eye candy! I love love these arrangements!!! thank you for sharing!

Bonnie McCarthy

Wow! I see what you mean -these are stunning! Romantic and classically beautiful -these could just as easily be from a centuries old still life oil painting! Love!


gorgeous — and nicely simple, too! I like how you can see and pay attention to the geometry of the leaves and the flowers because the color scheme is limited — either one color or shades on a spectrum.


These are absolutely lovely – thank you for featuring these flowers. I think the pink poppies are my fav. I can’t help imagining how wonderful it would be to live surrounded by these beauties all the time!


Does anyone know what the greenery in the last photo is–long burgundy leaves? Thanks!