acorn bike bags

by Amy Azzarito

It may seem premature to be writing about bike bags, but here on the East Coast, when the thermometer hits 35 degrees Fahrenheit, it feels like a warm-up. Just last weekend, on a super cold New York Sunday, I bought a new bike (Surly Cross-Check) from Bicycle Habitat. I had been visiting this particular bike for a few months, talking over the pros and cons with Bicycle Habitat employee and filmmaker, Aaron Stewart-Ahn. Once I decided that I was going to train for the Montauk Century (Whooo-hoooo!), it was time to get something a little more serious. My old bike has a huge basket, which I relied on to carry everything from Salvation Army donations to post-office boxes. I’m not quite ready to be a two-bike person, so I began looking for ways to haul more things on my bike. When I mentioned my concerns to Aaron, he said two words: Acorn Bags.

Image above: Roll bag, $63

Note: Even in writing this post, many bags have sold out. You have to be patient and watch for new stock! I’ll be watching along with you!

Acorn Bags are handmade in Southern California by a husband-and-wife team. Because it’s just the two of them, you have to be ready to jump when the new bags are announced online. They restock every three to four weeks, and some bags sell out as in as little as 30 seconds. Once made, each bag is delivered to the post office by bicycle. — Amy Azzarito

Images above, from top: Handlebar Bag, $97 and Large Saddlebag, $129

Image above: Boxy Rando Bag, $197

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  • I’ve been seeing a lot of bike bags on blogs and Etsy lately. I particularly like the cylindrical ones like the one at top. They remind me of the flasks St. Bernard’s used to carry around under their chins! Very classic shape and feel.

  • Let us know how you like your Surly! Are you also planning on using it for cyclocross? Those bags are to die for…and the fact that they’re delivered to the post office via bike is awesome! Good luck on your century training. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

  • These are absolutely beautiful! I have a 1950’s Schwinn that I’ve been meaning to fix up, and this would be the perfect bag to go along with it. Love these!

  • Congrats on your new Cross Check, Amy! I absolutely love mine and am sure you’ll enjoy it.

  • Those are some absolutely amazing lookin’ bags, and I wish I could get my hands on one for my girlfriend. She bikes like mad, and I’ve no doubt it’d be put to good use.

  • Hi guys! Thanks so much for the century encouragement. I’m anxiously waiting for it to warm a little bit so I can really start training!

    @The Twisted Line – there are usually new bags listed every three weeks or so – you just have to be ready to jump.

  • I have a brand new/unused olive Acorn handlebar bag for sale. I bought both the HB bag and Rando bag (delivered on Monday); keeping the Rando bag. Very well made bags!!

    Email me if interested fbudd@hotmail.com.