vanity fair: four corners books edition

Last Friday I had the pleasure of sitting next to one of my favorite designers, Coralie Bickford-Smith. After asking her questions and watching as a rapt audience ate up every word (her accent is as delightful as her work), we discussed the importance of book covers in a market where printed books are often passed up in exchange for e-versions. That very same night, on my way out of Book Court (which is a hard store to leave) I found myself kneeling down and staring at this beautiful edition of Vanity Fair from Four Corner Books. The simplicity and color palette (how often do you see powder pink and kelly green book covers?) grabbed me from the start, and the more I looked into the book online, the more I was intrigued.

Four Corners Books invited artist Donald Urquhart to produce a new edition of this classic novel. Rather than focusing on the time period of the book, Donald chose to take inspiration from 1930s Hollywood. Focusing entirely on the novel’s main character, Becky, Donald chose only to illustrate her chapters with images that match the drama and glamour often described in the story. I love this fanciful spin on such a classic book and the way the 30’s seep through each page. If you’re looking for a beautiful spin on an already gorgeous book, click here to check out the book in detail and here ($29.20) to order a copy in the US online. You can also read an interview (with slideshow) with Donald Urquhart about this project at the Guardian right here. If you’re in Brooklyn you can pick up a copy of Vanity Fair (Four Corners Books Edition) at Book Court in Cobble Hill.


I’ve tried dozens of times, but I never seem to be able to get past about page 100 of Vanity Fair… Though, this beautiful edition does make me want to try again.