by Grace Bonney

I go through phases with my headphones. Sometimes I happily tune out the sounds of the city in favor of my own personal life soundtrack, and other times I want to listen to the people around me. These days I’m in a major headphones phase and finding myself constantly trying to untangle the wires from my coat buttons or the keys in my pocket. These little earbud holders called Spooled are perfect for the headphone-wearer in your life who prefers minimal buds to chunkier headphones. Each little unit is designed to look like a vintage thread spool and will keep the cords in line and the buds protected (good if, like me, you have a cat that likes to hunt the buds and try to eat them). If you’re looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, this little $8 device would be perfect. Click here to pick up one online. xo, grace

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