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sneak peek: nerissa and peter of the new domestic

by anne

Nerissa and Peter live in a little seaside village outside of Vancouver, Canada, surrounded by trees, and the beach is just a couple blocks away. In the wintery months, it’s as if they live in the North Pole, while in the summer, chirping birds fill the beach air. Nerissa is a graphic designer who works from this gorgeous home and keeps a blog called The New Domestic. This year they launched an online shop of the same name with a homewares line of products to beautify your space (their new Bon Journey bags were such a hit that they sold out, but a new shipment is arriving in January). Their own space is a an eclectic mix of things they love that represent who they are through memories and stories. They decorate by intuition, but overall, their style is a mix of Scandinavian modern with Canadian and Asian motifs and bold graphics layered in. Thanks, Nerissa and Peter! — Anne

Image above: I love this wall in our studio room. It’s our fun inspirational wall where we hang pieces we’ve collected throughout the years. Some of the paintings are thrift-store finds; one of the framed posters was taken home from a Jeff Koons show at the Palace of Versailles, and the tree poster was a wallpaper we designed for a friend.

Image above: This is my own little area in the studio. It’s my multipurpose table where I do my sewing, crafts and freelance work, and lately, it’s been used as a painting table for our newly launched Bon Journey bags.

See more of Nerissa and Peter’s home after the jump!

Image above: A chair found at Home Sense that perfectly matched our wallpaper. We initially bought the chair to use as a garden chair, but when we brought it home, we noticed it looked perfect beside the wallpaper. It’s like they were meant to be together.

Image above: This is where we gather with friends and family. We’ve been able to fit 14 people at that table, which has become a great gathering space. The bunting flags are handmade by me for Luna’s first birthday party, but we love the festive look of it and decided to keep it up there year round. The framed photograph on the wall was a photo I took from a trip to the Italian Riviera. The white framed illustrations are vintage prints of garden herbs found on eBay. Luna’s Ikea highchair was bought from Craigslist, and I painted it red to give it a nice splash of color.

Image above: This is the cosiest room in the house where we gather together as a family to watch tv, chat and simply hang out. It’s a small room with French doors separating it from the formal living room. The skylight keeps the room bright practically all day. The large art piece on the wall is a Marimekko fabric that we had stretched onto canvas, making for a large art piece.

Image above: We love going treasure hunting at various thrift stores in the city, and these are some of our vintage finds. Peter found that awesome Chop Suey game years ago when he was still in college. We’ve kept it ever since, and we consider it our best vintage find.

Image above: Our master bedroom. We wanted to have some type of art piece above our bed but couldn’t decide what it would be. So instead of having to find that one perfect art piece to hang on the wall, we thought it would be a great idea to put up a ledge where we can display random pieces and switch things around whenever we want. Right now, we have paintings displayed that we found at thrift stores and a couple of our favorite album covers. The anthropomorphic trays are from ibride, which we ordered online from Amsterdam.

Image above: As our family grows, our space has to grow and adapt, as well. Our studio room has also become our family activity room, and we’ve had to make room for Luna to play. Luna has her own section to store and display her toys and a little table for craft time. We spend a lot of time in here, and it’s funny to see the three of us doing our own little projects. The illuminated light box photograph hanging on the wall was a gift from our very talented photographer friend, Kris Grunert. The cardboard moose head is from veer.com.

Image above: This is Luna’s room. We wanted to create a playful and creative space and surround it with pieces Peter & I have collected throughout the years. The framed illustrations on the wall are from Charley Harper. It’s an alphabet card game, and we just picked out letters from her name, L-U-N-A, and framed them individually. The large canvas you see on the wall is a Marimekko fabric remnant we purchased in Seattle years ago before Luna was born. We stretched it onto a canvas to create a large piece of art. The paper blue and white balls were bought in Chinatown, and we decided to hang them above her crib, acting as a baby mobile. Something nice for her to look at when she woke up in the morning. The little chairs are replicas of an Eames baby rocker and Verner Panton chair.

Image above: We want Luna to be proud of all her art work, so we hang her art pieces using a wire mobile that hangs from the ceiling. The wire mobile was given to us by friends years ago, and was used in the past to hang a selection of patterned message cards that were written by guests at our wedding. Now, it’s the perfect device to display Luna’s creations.

Image above: Our newly remodeled kitchen. I always dreamt of having a white kitchen, and I finally got it!

Image above: The stools are from Home Decorators Collection. They are awesome, as they swivel up and down, which works great for kids who need to sit up higher. For the countertop, I’ve always wanted a white marble countertop in the kitchen but couldn’t handle the idea of it staining or cracking. So we went for a Quartz Lapland for it’s beautiful aesthetic and durability. Then we went for a statuary white marble 2″ x 4″ tile backslash instead for that marble look.

Image above: For a little special personalized detail in the kitchen, Peter surprised me with a laser-etched engraving on the marble backsplash. “Collect the moments, one by one. I guess that’s how the future’s done.” — Feist.

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  • I LOVE everything about this house tour! Does anyone know where the gray couch/loveseat from the first photo is from?

  • My goodness! I love the ceiling in the studio room, and the kitchen! It’s all so crisp with tons of character.
    I have to say though, I can’t imagine it being very north pole like where they. It’s very mild in this part of Canada :) (thank goodness! I’m a wimp when it comes to cold and snow)

  • Well, there is no seaside village anywhere near Vancouver that looks like the North Pole in winter, but I digress. It’s a lovely home – very fresh and kid-friendly!

  • This is my idea of a perfect house a real blend of new and vintage/thrifted finds all set on a white backdrop and its not too pristine it looks like people live here! Plus my fave thing to do at home is eat, drink and watch a good film, what is better?x

  • I love this Sneak Peak! I’m about to have my first baby, so I’m especially inspired by the nursery and the shared work/play room. I would love to know where the rug in the first photo is from!

  • Great idea having the ledge over the bed in the master bedroom. I always struggle in choosing that perfect artpiece so I like how changeable that is. Pick a couple of cheaper favorites, rather than one large piece!

    Beautiful home.

  • Love that marble tile in the kitchen. The way you patterned it makes it look like art.

  • I love that despite the fact that this house isn’t my style (I’m a little less modern, but not by much), I can still get a sense of who lives here. It’s absolutely great to see a place that speaks to the owner’s!
    And I adore the family room! I’m dreaming a bit about a place bathed in light.

  • I absolutely love the Feist lyric on the tile! Mushaboom is one of my favorite songs, and how fitting for a home remodel! Adorable.

  • So many little touches to admire and adore… I especially like the chair that goes with the wallpaper. Now that’s something you don’t see in every house!

  • Love your kitchen! Very useful, practical, understated and VERY inviting.
    The whole house is wonderful even though I can’t relate to the all the kiddie stuff ( not having any of my own ).
    Cheery and colorful. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous home – very fresh and original. Love the color especially!

  • Wonderful home. It reminds me of my home, but more put together and not as cluttered. These images inspire me to continue working on my home, located in a remote coastal Alaskan town.

  • I love this home, it is so bright and beautiful. Although with two little boys I am afraid of so much white in my own home, but this makes me rethink it.

  • This might be in my hometown, hehe….I’m so curious. And I would agree with the other comments; it’s not North Pole around here in the winter. But a lovely home! Heidi

  • Thank you for the wonderful peek at your home.

    I luv the sofa. It has such clean lines and in a pinch could be used as a bed too. Did you purchase it locally?

  • Thanks for the sweet words & comments everyone!

    @Allison: The sofa is from G.Romano and it’s called the Chelsea Sofa (http://www.velocityartanddesign.com/chelsea-sofa-c-425-p-1-pr-28095.html)

    @Tan @Kirsten @Heidi: I know, it’s hard to believe that our little seaside village outside of Vancouver can look like the North Pole on some very bad winters we’ve had. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s so beautiful. Look at my post on the blog: http://thenewdomestic.com/2011/12/north-pole

    @JM: the kitchen cabinets are from Ikea.

    @Tagati: The white sofa was purchased at Koolhaus (but they are no longer around). When we bought it, we were told it’s made & designed in California.

  • I love the ‘It was just a matter of time’ poster. Could you let me know where you got it from?

  • Your home and style is aah-mazing! I love your site. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  • @ Sarah: The poster was designed by a local Vancouver design studio called cause+effect. The poster was designed for one of the Pecha Kucha events in the city.

  • the ceilings, the ceilings the ceilings!!!! Those boarded ceilings! How did you do them or where they already like that? LOVE this home. I just love love love that door with all of the memories as well. so precious and priceless. I wish I had something like that! I should encourage my children to do the same. thank you for sharing. lovely home.

  • Someone please tell me where the etched tile came from – that is such a neat idea!

  • that couch in the living room, the white cushions & walnut wood, is FANTASTIQUE! may i ask where you found it? just so adorable :)