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sneak peek: bryan minnich & katie d’angelo

by anne

Creative couple Bryan Minnich and Katie D’Angelo treat their Washington, DC home as part apartment and part studio. Bryan is a graphic designer at ripe, a freelance illustrator and a fan of the Beach Boys, while Katie is the display coordinator at the newly opened Anthropologie in downtown DC, a freelance illustrator and an aspiring lounge singer. They often collaborate on writing songs and recording 60s covers. Although their personal styles can differ, they’ve found a way to incorporate both points of view into their small apartment: anything graphic or brightly colored is Bryan’s, and anything understated or cat-related is Katie’s. And while Katie attempts to de-clutter, Bryan keeps bringing home old books and records, but you have to admit that it’s a fun mix. Thanks, Bryan and Katie, and thanks to Joe Cereghino for the photos! — Anne

Image above: Our apartment overlooks Rock Creek Park, so even though we’re in the middle of the city, we get to watch raccoons, barred owls, woodpeckers and more. We’re hoping for a bear.

Image above: Highlights of Bryan’s workspace include a print by Brecht Vandenbroucke, a 60s Fender Twin Reverb amp, an Egyptian cat drawing by Katie and a small Andy Warhol shrine below a bunny poster. Katie built the desk out of pipe and flange.

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Image above: We like collecting old issues of magazines like Vogue, Fact, and Avant Garde. And animal pillows from Areaware. Our coffee table top was found on the side of the road and its legs are custom-made from antique stair balusters.

Image above: The painting on our bedroom wall was inspired by a Native American pattern book that we found at Eastern Market.

Image above: These are our only five pots, so we don’t want to misplace any of them.

Image above: Jonathan Adler “Feline Chic” salt and pepper shakers with Katie’s childhood building blocks.

Image above: Yes, you guessed correctly. These toothbrush holders are made of pure gold.

Image above: Details from Katie’s work desk: dollhouse by Katie, portrait of Morrissey by Bryan.

Image above: Bryan enjoys drawing the Victorian houses in Logan Circle where he works. He also enjoys drawing on the wall.

Image above: This ceramic cat keeps guard over our boots.

Image above: Mister, age 12

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  • I love how cheeky the descriptions are! Made for a fun read!
    I’m starting to fall for lucite furniture (I’m a little behind on this one), and seeing how everything comes together in this space is wonderful. I love the application of plumbing supplies!

  • I love the fact that the owners of the house look very miserable rather than smug like most people showing off their houses!

  • Being lucking enough to see your creativity day to day, I’m not surprised at how beautiful your home is, but I am truly impressed! For anyone who doesn’t know these two, they do have great smiles ;)

  • ha. my lil’ katie and her bryan. the place is looking superb and mister is looking quite cute, as per usual. love the write up.

  • Katie’s note just won me over! Love them and all 5 of their pots! I’m not impressed with their starter home, but I hope one day they’ll get a decent building to fill with love and humor-and some less damaged furniture. ;>

  • I also live in an old apartment in DC overlooking Rock Creek Park with all of the woodland creatures… wondering if we’re neighbors. Looks great!

  • i love the coolness and the humor! it’s so effortless and cozy… in spite of their faces and of katie’s saying, it does seem like the home of a happy couple. excellent vibe here! God bless you people

  • LOVE the toothbrush holders!!!!! I have 4 grown children all with very similar taste to yours. The creativeness you possess is admirable and right up my alley.

  • Love the humorous outlook and the intentional personal design choices. Love Bryan’s wall art.

  • Katie and Bryan, you’ve shown that even a small space in D.C. can look truly fabulous with the right, creative touch (or in this case two creative touches). Although it may only be temporary, it couldn’t be more perfect for right now.

  • i like folks that don’t take themselves to seriously :) But, their home is seriously cool!

  • Just love it! Mister looks just like my best bud Ash who had to be put down this past May. You 2 are so creative. I may be a little biased here since Bryan is my cousin ;-).

  • What a clever and creative way to decorate your apartment, Bryan and Katie! I always did think that Bryan was very artistic and it shows! Bryan was my neighbor when he was growing up and spent lots of time playing with my kids.

  • I’m happy for Bryan and Katie and their very artistic home. I grew up with Bryan, and I remember him drawing incredible pictures in elementary school. It’s great to see people I grew up around doing well.

  • Very cool! Like the temporary thing at the end. You’ve seriously infused yourself in there even though it is a temp space for you. Loved the slightly grump pic of you two, lots of personality there! X

  • this is seriously my favourite sneak peak ever! Your home is awesome. It is also doesn’t make my home jealous like most sneak peaks do. In fact, I think we have the EXACT same favourite thing about our homes! That said, you’ve certainly made the best of it.

    ps. hahahahahahaha. loved it.