sneak peek: andrea bricco


Photographer Andrea Bricco grew up in small-town Wisconsin, but these days, she calls the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles home. With a love of Danish designs, Andrea calls her style “modern vintage,” with clean pops of color and a bit of grit thrown in. Despite being a loft, her space is not huge, and the secret to decorating it has been finding pieces that are comfortable without being oversized or overpowering the room. The only thing lacking is more wall space for her love of art! Recently Andrea has been challenging herself with personal projects that make her see in new ways, and her professional work has taken her to Alaska, photographing fishermen, and to Mexico, shooting tequila distilleries, which you can check out on her blog. Thanks, Andrea! — Anne

Image above: Joe Sorren is the artist shown here. My favorite pieces are ones that make me feel a little uncomfortable when I look at them, like something is just a little off. I believe the paint color here is called “New Penny.” I feel energized waking up in this corner.

Image above: This is a Wegner Jalk Eames vintage teak rocking chair, found by the wonderful people at OC Modern. Every chair should be a rocking chair. I picked up the pillows at a handmade boutique shop in Alaska.

See more of Andrea’s loft after the jump!

Image above: Notice the projector on the ceiling. It’s a great way to save space and avoid clutter in a loft. Besides, watching the Golden Girls on a big screen is pretty amazing.

Image above: Gastronomica is one of my favorite magazines. Food is not just for eating.

Image above: The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be. I love the long, wide countertops, and it’s a fun space to be creative. A handmade stuffed turkey lives above the cupboards. My sister found him for me at a craft show.

Image above: I bought this piece during a downtown Los Angeles artwalk one night. The artist’s name is Patrick Haemmerlein. Some of my favorite things have been purchased without 5 minutes of thought. I think art should one of those things — if it speaks to you that quickly, I say don’t question it.

Image above: I love the hints of color on my rooftop. Sitting up here at night with a glass of wine is actually a very quiet setting and a great time for reflection and relaxation.

Image above: Downtown Los Angeles looks very cheery from these angles.


The fabulous rocker is by Ole Wanscher – I had one but not in such nice colors!

Brodi Miles

As a fellow cheesehead, I love to see the design/decorate make its way out of the midwest!


I would never have thought a bright orange wall would look good anywhere, but i have to say it looks good in your bedroom!


Yay for fashionable, talented and successful small town Wisco girls! I love her style and her photos are beautiful. And I would give anything for a rooftop patio like that!

Andrea Bricco

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!
@Corie, thanks for the correction on the chair.
@Brodi, extra proud to be a cheesehead this morning.
@Beth, are you in Los Angeles? Rooftop parties never get old!


wow! amazing. love everything about it. reminds me how much i miss my old apartments rooftop for reflection and relaxation… what exactly is that wooden thingy where the Patrick Haemmerlein painting is standing on?

Rebecca Lehmann

Your place looks great Andrea! I love that stuffed turkey!

julie maigret

Supecool! Love all the color. I also live in LA and have a piece of Patrick Haemmerlein’s artwork I purchased at an art walk. Let’s make him famous!

Kathie Rose

I’m a color girl myself – love the warmth and love small spaces!

Molly Sutton Kiefer

Hey, congrats, Andrea! Nice to see your corner of the world… some day we’ll drag the family out to LA to show Maya a new state (she’s got seven so far!). xo


Andrea- Your loft is gorgeous! I am loving that orange so terribly much. Would you share what paint it is? I love how it goes with the wood, warm but not glaring. It could be perfect in our home. Thank you!


Are you the creator of the notebook with the photographs and white space for writing in it? The two pages you have displayed – of the evergreens and the man on the beach – are beautiful! Where is it from?


Thank you Andrea!!! Now I just need to gather the courage to try it….