owlet wallpaper

I allowed myself to slide headfirst down the slippery slope of bird-dom on Tuesday with a roundup that included an embarrassing amount of bird ornaments. That lead me to set this image (he’s so sleepy!) as my desktop screensaver, and now I’m giving in to this adorable owl-covered Owlet wallpaper from Turner Pocock. Their papers are lovely, and I’m sure this new style will carry through in person. And as always, I love that it straddles the line between adult and child-friendly. Click here to check out the pattern online and order (rolls are $113 each). xo, grace


The lamp is the Loft Zig-Zag 6-arm lamp from Jielde. It comes in a whole range of gorgeous colors and it’s been on my dream lamp list for ages (at $1400 it’s likely to just stay on my dream list :)


the lamp is jaw dropping but that owlet wallpaper – superb! it’s sweet without being childish and visually interesting without overpowering the other beauties in the room – I <3 it!


Firstly, I just lol’ed at the link to your desktop background. That is presh.
Secondly, what is it about wallpaper that is so fantastic? It’s like old world romance meets new world graphics. Resistance is futile and this lovely print is no exception!


Wow, I just SPLURGED on that exact red lamp (I haven’t received it yet) and am thrilled to see it in this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The wallpaper is lovely, but could someone please, please identify the lamp!?!

Kate Pruitt

Hi all! I believe it’s the Signal lamp from Jielde, a french manufacturer working since the 1950s., You can find more info about them here: http://www.jielde.com/ and if you search for “Jielde lamp” on google, you will find these available for sale at several places (warning: they are a splurge!!)


Um, yeah. This might possibly be the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen.


That is cool wallpaper, but I freaking love that lamp! It is stuck in my head now and I might have to track it down.