new: nama rococo wallpaper!

I’ve been a devoted Nama Rococo wallpaper fan since their launch in 2006. Since that day, I’ve been anxiously awaiting new designs from Nama Rococo’s creative genius, Karen Combs. Thankfully that day has finally come and, of course, I love her new work. Always organic and free-flowing, Karen’s latest designs continue with the sophisticated-but-fun color palette I adore. Her latest patterns are called “Amsterdam” and “Shuboes.” Inspired by flora, lava flows and Gaudi’s Barcelona apartment buildings, “Shuboes” (image after the jump) is described as a “flower power cocktail with a dash of biomorphism and a twist of Ring of Fire.”

“Amsterdam” was inspired by both the rooflines of Dutch 18th-century canal homes and David Bowie’s songs (what’s not to love in that combo?). I love the soft neutral color palette; it captures that yellow, dusty Dutch light perfectly. You can pick up sheets of both styles (and existing Nama Rococo styles) right here for $126 per sheet. I have several single-sheet styles framed in my home, so if a full room is out of your reach, framed pieces are just as lovely. Congrats to Karen on the gorgeous new designs! xo, grace

*The lovely Amy Merrick worked so hard at this weekend’s Portland Bazaar that she took some much-needed time off from posting this week. She’ll be back next week with a new Living In.

More images of the new wallpaper continue after the jump . . .


Oh! Thank goodness! I have been checking their website for years waiting for more wonderfullness.


Really beautiful design, but $126. a sheet? I can’t imagine how much a wall would cost. Make your own stencil and let the fun start.


Does anyone know how you hang wallpaper? At $126 a sheet I don’t know that I trust to hang it myself. How do you find a professional (I’m in Seattle) to hang wallpaper?


@Stacy, you might check the NGPP (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers) website. They have list of paperhangers by zip code, and they’re usually quite expert! (Also, at Nama Rococo we now offer great quantity discounts for retail clients ordering in quantity, 6+ sheets!)


I love this idea of framing a sheet, but I’m worried that the framing process would be difficult or expensive. Grade, how did you end up framing these? Do you have any good and affordable framing resources for large pieces such as these?