living in: Fargo


When the weather takes a dive this time of year, I can’t help but turn to Fargo. The dark comedy-crime film conjures the snowy Minnesota landscape in a way that makes trapper hats and diner mugs as American as apple pie. While it took some selective editing to take the film’s aesthetics from sometimes abysmal to aspirational, it was worth the work to pay homage to yet another Coen brothers’ classic. — Amy Merrick

1. Trooper Hat, $175; 2. Vintage Wall Clock, $160; 3. Deputy Sheriff Badge, $21; 4. Best Made Axe, $250; 5. Stanley Flask, $20; 6. Papermate Mechanical Pencil, $.50; 7. American Flag Patch, $.50; 8. Sisha Snow Boots, $168; 9. Money Bag, $10; 10. Postalco Notebook, $12; 11. Vintage Swingline Stapler, $24

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Set in Brainerd, Minnesota, the home of Paul Bunyan, these people know a thing or two about snuggling up inside. Wooly slippers, retro kitchenware and classic diner sets will keep you cozy, botched fake kidnapping aside. A stylish woodchipper, perhaps? No. Let’s not even go there.

1. IKEA Ottava Lamp, $29; 2. Paul Bunyan and Babe Salt and Pepper Shaker, $45; 3. Lorenzini Tartan Robe, $450; 4. Cinnabar Mug, $13; 5. Hickory Coasters, $22; 6. Stackable Diner Chairs, $299/set of 2; 7. Honey Bear, $4; 8. Cinnabar Bowl, $9; 9. Sheepskin Slippers, $58

Lisa Inglis

oh yes! i just watched fargo again this wknd for the gajillionth time and this is so spot on. i would love to see a living in: basic instinct….if you’re taking requests :)

Jodi Anderson

I live in Wisconsin, and I have to say that you nailed it pretty well. I’ve watched Fargo so many times, but with each viewing, I notice little things that I realize not all of the country experiences, like asking someone if their car started that morning… since it’s often too cold.

This was a lot of fun!

Jane T

Wouldn’t you know that when I scrolled down the page my eyes immediately were drawn to that hat and those boots. If I just had a champagne bank account to go along with my champagne likes rather than a beer drinker’s bank account, I would have both of those things. I live in Louisiana, but it is cold right now and they really appeal to me. :-) Oh, I might need to have one of those sheriff badges too incase my foot gets heavy on the accelerator and Smoke pulls me over to give me a piece of costly paper. Ask me how I know!


This post immediately caught my eye because I have indeed lived in Fargo! I love each of the items you picked out and they fit the movie perfectly. Having thawed out in warm, sunny Florida, I somehow miss those snowy ND winters.


Since it’s currently snowy and 17 in MN right now, this was a perfect warm and cozy post to read! thanks!


The only thing you’re missing is a giant duck painting.
And a wood chipper. Obviously.

Love this!


I’d add sweaters to Maggie’s list, too. The kitty sweater above is just one of many gems this movie has to offer. Buscemi’s wardrobe alone boasts some pretty fresh turtlenecks, mock and vrai.


so funny. we moved to minnesota 4 years ago and I still reference fargo (last week a bank we visited reminded me of the car dealership)

Mary Weaver, CSCS

I’m surprised no one has pointed out that Fargo is in the great state of North Dakota, although it is indeed twinned with Moorhead, Minnesota.

amy m

Hi Mary! Even though the movie is called Fargo, it takes place in Minnesota. The Coen brothers said they called the movie Fargo because no one would go to see a film called Brainerd.


I’m glad Fargo, ND isn’t at all similar to the movie (I live in Moorhead).


Right now at the Fargo/Moorhead visitors center you can get your photo taken in a similar hat with the wood chipper from the movie (complete with wooden leg prop). The theater downtown houses a large ‘wood chip’ Marge statue (also great for photo-ops) that was given to the city by MGM. Recently local producers have started to sell Wood Chipper beer and wine, amongst other movie related items. I’m glad to see that we’re not embracing the spirit of the movie alone!


As a loving Minnesotan I have to say Fargo is indeed in North Dakota. However the Cohen brothers well they just happened to graduate from my high school :)


“Fargo” was part of my orientation when I moved from Boston & took a job at the University of Minnesota.


Well done Amy! While it bears the name Fargo, much of the movie was filmed on location in Minnesota. And as a Fargo-native, I do own many of Amy’s picks! Ya sure ya betcha.


Went to school in Moorhead/Concordia and Fargo/NDSU. (Ya is spelled Jah.) Loved going to town and watching this film projected onto the side of the Radison.


“The heck do ya mean?” LOL. I totally thought of this movie on Sunday when I went to shovel and scrape the ice off of my car, alongside several of my neighbors. It’s definitely winter in MN!

Lisa O.

I’m a fan of both Fargo and D*S, but it really bothers me to see fur showcased like this. Couldn’t you have found cruelty-free faux fur options for the hat and footwear? If you think I’m overreacting, please do some research on the extreme (unnecessary) cruelty involved with this sort of “fashion.”

Janie J

In lieu of an actual woodchipper, you could enjoy the brand new Fargo Brewing Company’s Woodchipper IPA. Much more appetizing than the scene that inspires it.


I live in the Brainerd area, so this movie has a special place in my heart. Also, all of the items you listed would not be out of place here in central MN. Also, also that Paul Bunyan statue does not exist in Brainerd however, we have a myriad other Paul statues in the area.