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I don’t watch a lot of baseball, but I’ve always enjoyed people who collected baseball cards. They seem like such a fun way to celebrate the history of a sport and its players, and I love this creative spin on them from a local designer here in Brooklyn, Amelie Mancini. After moving from Paris to Brooklyn a few years ago, Amelie became a huge Mets fan and developed a full-fledged obsession with baseball. She decided to create her own version of baseball cards using the Washington hand press that was available for use in the basement of the Greenpoint Reformed Church (another reason I love my neighborhood). Her first series of cards is called “Bizarre Injuries” and features ten players who were hurt in bizarre or unexpected ways (John Smoltz scalded himself by ironing a shirt he was still wearing). Future editions will be “Edible All-Stars” (Darryl Strawberry, Bob Lemon, Kevin Bass) and “Curious Second Careers”, so stay tuned to see what Amelie has in store next. But for now, this first edition of 4×6″ postcards are available right here in packs of 5 for $15 (2 packs makes a whole series). Click here to pick up a set and read more about Amelie’s process. xo, grace

shona~LALA dex press

These are brilliant! I have no idea who most of these players are (my love of baseball ended after Fernando retired from The Dodgers), but as a collection of odd injuries, they are a lot of fun.


These are wonderful! I just bought both sets, thank you for posting about them


Thanks Grace for a wonderful post about my cards! This has set in motion a tremendous wave of Internet awesomeness, so thank you (and your readers!) so much for the kind words and support.