keating woodworks

by Grace Bonney

There are few things I love more than high quality woodworking. After seven years of blogging and watching trends come and go faster than I can even process, few things stand the test of time like beautiful, natural wood. These gorgeous pieces were created by Geoffrey Keating of Keating Woodworks. A fifth-generation furniture maker, Geoffrey worked as a roofer in Texas and a mechanic for a racing team before turning to furniture (he also got degrees in theology at Yale and Notre Dame). After embracing his love for woodworking, Geoffrey decided to focus on creating furniture that is, in his words, “as beautiful as it is useful.” I couldn’t have described it better myself. I’m partial to the amazing desk above, but you can view all of Geoffrey’s work online right here. In a time where people easily toss away $100 to $200 for veneer furniture, it’s great to see a craftsman like Geoffrey producing work that’s worth investing in. I’ll have to add this to my “things to save up for” list with a few other favorites. xo, grace

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