joey roth ceramic speakers

Joey Roth’s ceramic speakers are one of the most beautiful (and functional) investments I’ve ever made. Granted, they were a gift for AC and not for me, but he has assured me (as a first-degree audiophile) that they sound amazing. The price point may put them above some people’s budgets if you’re not up for saving for a while, but as someone who did that very type of saving, I’m a full convert. If you have an audiophile in your life that you’d like to spoil rotten, these speakers, which were just released in black today, are a great idea. They are one of those rare beasts that satisfy both the function and form demands that constantly battle in my home. Click here to see them and order online. xo, grace

*Joey’s speakers are still available in white with the pink wires I love. If they were neon pink, yellow or orange, I would have to save up to get them for myself.


I love you Design Sponge. But please stop lifting stuff from without credit. The black speakers were made as a collaboration with No where in this article do you mention the only place you could’ve seen them first… lame.

Grace Bonney

erika and jason

i’m not sure where your attitude is coming from, but you might want to check with joey- he emailed me those speakers with no mention of fab at all.

here’s an image of the email that lead to my post:

every post i do is the result of credited research or an email from the artist. if you’d like to present some actual facts and not a vague and inaccurate claim, i’m happy to address any posts you think are lifted from fab. i can assure you i haven’t lifted anything from anyone’s site without credit.



Thanks for featuring them Grace! I don’t know if there is any attitude in Jason’s post but the stoy is We commissioned these for Fab and those are our photos. We, of course, gave the photos to Joey so glad he sent them to you

Thanks for supporting his work. We adore everything he does.

Grace Bonney


yes, please speak with jason and erika. we had several conversations via email this weekend. joey never informed me about the fab deal so that’s why it wasn’t included originally. sadly people from fab chose to infer i stole content rather than just emailing me to discuss anything i may not have been told by joey originally.