gold zag trays from up in the air somewhere

by Grace Bonney

Well hello, gorgeous. I may have let stripes and polka dots go earlier this year, but I still can’t shake my weakness for shiny gold. It’s just too bright and sparkly to resist. These gorgeous Zag Trays from Susan at Up In The Air Somewhere are limited-edition pieces that she launched just yesterday. Each handmade ceramic tray has a sealed gold leaf pattern that would be perfect for holiday entertaining, or just catching mail and keys by the door. Susan is selling the trays on her site right now ($98 each), and if you order by Friday, she can guarantee US deliveries in time for Christmas. Click here to check out and order one of her limited-edition trays. Hooray for shiny gold. xo, grace

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  • Oh. My. This was all over Pinterest for months, but not available for purchase and now here it is! Happy day for many a zig zag, shiny tray loving girl. Or 75 of us at least. Wonder if she ships to the UK? This is going on my wishlist for sure.

    • elizabeth

      i’m sure it can ship to the UK if you’re ok with paying for shipping, though i’m not sure if she can guarantee shipping by christmas. but i’d definitely drop her a line to ask :)


  • Wow! I saw this on Pinterest and Etsy before too and was so sad it wasn’t available! I’m thrilled that there’s this limited edition set- Just ordered mine before it sells out again this week. Up in the Air Somewhere’s handmade ceramic platters are so gorgeous when I receive them. Susan’s talent and craft for ceramic work is incredible.

  • P.S. Elizabeth- I also live in the U.K. so I can confirm the store definitely ships internationally (very reasonable shipping rate too)

  • Very Cool. Impressive how Susan’s trays are free-form handmade ceramics fashioned into the shape. I also love that the pattern is crafted with gold leaf (not gold paint).

  • ok, i’m obsessed with this tray. i’ve never wanted such a simple household item before so badly, what is this feeling? i’m not on Pinterest (avoiding it like the plague, for good reason) so this is the first time seeing it for me. i’ve gotta have it. realistically, i probably won’t get it, but still, it will be pinned in the back of my mind until i can get my hands on one, or somehow make it myself … Sara’s DIY was very inspiring :)