gift guide: for the flower fanatic


Even nature fiends happily succumb to commercialized holiday commemorations. Since I launched my flower business this year and started writing a flower column for the site, I’ve got nothing but blooms on the brain. From a classic book by flower gods to rubber galoshes for morning garden runs and tongue-in-cheek gilded lily stationery, this list covers everything a budding floral freak could hope to find under the tree. — Amy Merrick

1. Flowers Rediscovered by Madderlake, $17; 2. Diego Urn by Frances Palmer, $325; 3. Glossy Garden Clip-ons by Kate Spade, $78; 4. Vivienne Westwood Rain Boots, $160; 5. Twine Dispenser, $15; 6. Monogrammable Gardening Gloves, $29; 7. Gilded Water Lily Notes, $29; 8. Catherine Hat by Eugenia Kim, $346; 9. Okubo Shears, $38; 10. St. Kilda Pansy Ring, $310


I would have never thought of a gardening gift for Christmas, but this is so unique! I love it. I wonder how awesome a male version would look like? ;)


The urn is absolutely beautiful. Way out of my price range, but still would be great for a container garden.

Bonnie McCarthy

Thanks for this beautiful, simple and inspiring post. After the holidays, I officially enter my waiting for spring period and begin gathering my gardening supplies, books and seeds. I will be sure to check your column as a resource! Happy holidays!