geoff mcfetridge with heath ceramics

Speaking of cool ceramics, anyone in the LA area should make an effort to see My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking, a collection of works by Geoff McFetridge with Heath Ceramics. I was introduced to Geoff’s work through the documentary Beautiful Losers, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. His loose rendering style and quirky, offbeat subject matter remind me of Picasso. From what I’ve seen of Picasso’s light drawings, and the image of Geoff at work on a plate below, it seems both artists share a natural ease with a pen, pencil or paintbrush.

This is just a sample of the works from the show, which opened on November 12th and runs through December 31st. There will be a studio talk with Geoff and Heath LA Studio Director Adam Silverman at 2pm this Saturday December 2nd, so if you need something to do this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the show and doing a bit of holiday shopping :) — Kate

See more images from the exhibition after the jump!

Anna - Canoe Design

I LOVE Heath’s things – use them whenever I can for clients – and Geoff’s work is fantastic. Glad to see these two have paired up as I think their a match made in ceramic heaven!


I thought “Keith Haring” when I saw Geoff’s stuff, but I can see why you say Picasso. Very unexpected mix of styles here–there’s modern line art on neoclassic sculpture shapes.

weekend decorator

I had the pleasure of attending the artist discussion today…LOVED hearing insight into the work straight from Geoff’s mouth. And he’s such a nice and down-to-earth guy!