five borough pillows

by Grace Bonney

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about my neighborhood in Brooklyn and it made me realize that for the first time, I have some real neighborhood pride forming. I never felt very protective of Williamsburg or Park Slope, but for some reason Greenpoint really feels like home to me. This upcoming summer will mark my 9th year in Brooklyn and I think I’m rounding the corner into finally considering myself a Brooklynite. I don’t have any problem with the other boroughs in New York, but Brooklyn has felt like home since day one and these pillows from Marissa at Hand over Fist and Macenzi at Site Design seem like a nice way to celebrate any of the five boroughs.

Inspired by classic bandanas and souvenir travel handkerchiefs, the Five Boroughs pillows come with an insert and are hand screen-printed here in NYC. You can pick up all five colors right here at Site online for $50 each. xo, grace

*Photos by Pippa Drummond, Styling by Christina Lane

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