five borough pillows

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about my neighborhood in Brooklyn and it made me realize that for the first time, I have some real neighborhood pride forming. I never felt very protective of Williamsburg or Park Slope, but for some reason Greenpoint really feels like home to me. This upcoming summer will mark my 9th year in Brooklyn and I think I’m rounding the corner into finally considering myself a Brooklynite. I don’t have any problem with the other boroughs in New York, but Brooklyn has felt like home since day one and these pillows from Marissa at Hand over Fist and Macenzi at Site Design seem like a nice way to celebrate any of the five boroughs.

Inspired by classic bandanas and souvenir travel handkerchiefs, the Five Boroughs pillows come with an insert and are hand screen-printed here in NYC. You can pick up all five colors right here at Site online for $50 each. xo, grace

*Photos by Pippa Drummond, Styling by Christina Lane


These are so great! Wish I could get the Manhattan one and a few here in MN for my dad – chronicle the places he’s lived. These are beautiful!


Al- I’m pretty sure that basket is from pottery barn……its a hamper.


That’s because you live in Greenpoint, which is very commonly referred to as “The neighborhood”! I love these pillows. They would make a great gift.


I swear.. these awesome pillows are in almost very store in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. So cute and homey feeling, it makes me proud to be a part of the community!


I felt exactly the same when I moved to Leith; I’d lived in various bits of Southside Edinburgh for six years- done my degree there- but suddenly it all fell into place in Leith.


i miss greenpoint like crazy. i moved there in 2002 when the only two bars were the pencil factory and enids. it always felt like home, even though i knew i probably shouldn’t live there forever (that pesky oil spill always made me nervous). i always enjoyed cheaper rent and bigger digs than all of my friends. now i live in philly and it’s great but not home. have a peter pan donut for me grace!

Grace Bonney


oh we were there at the same time! i love greenpoint- i used to live on the same block where word is now- when there was NOTHING there. it’s so nice that the neighborhood has changed but still has the same vibe. it never feels too sceney ;)



i totally agree! unlike williamsburg, greenpoint kind of evolved slowly and naturally. i lived on dupont in 2002 and then near mcgolrick park in 2008.


This made me smile. Greenpoint was my one and only home in NYC. I lived a few doors down from Enids for almost 5 years and sorely miss it. Love these pillows and the memories they invoked.