dottir & sonur

by Grace Bonney

I’ve always been mildly concerned that my proclivity for design that reminds me of a child’s room means that a part of me will never really grow up. For now I’m choosing to see that as a good thing, because it means I get to embrace all sorts of designs that would work well for both my room and the nurseries that a lot of my friends are getting ready to decorate. These new wallpaper and lighting designs are a great example of that sort of playful look I love. Designed by Ingvi and Tinna (an Icelandic couple currently living in Berlin), this Origami Wallpaper and Lightlace hanging pendant are fun, colorful and simple enough to work just about anywhere. I love the little paper cranes in the wallpaper and the way the light’s wooden ball cord feels like a toy. Both pieces are part of a larger collection that you can check out, and shop online, right here. Here’s to embracing your inner child… xo, grace

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