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diy project: snowglobe giftwrap from present & correct

by Kate Pruitt

Today we have another guest DIY project from Neal Whittington. In addition to being an accomplished graphic designer, Neal runs the online shop Present & Correct, which he stocks to the brim with the awesomest vintage desk supplies and designy paper goods I’ve ever seen. I hope you caught his mitten gift tag DIY a couple weeks ago before you had to head out for the Thanksgiving holiday; if not, you can revisit it here. Neal was having so much fun with holiday wrapping, he decided to do this snowglobe giftwrap tutorial for us, as well. All you need is a few basic office supplies and some colored paper, and you’ll have a cute, graphic present that you can shake into a snowy winter wonderland. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Neal! — Kate

Read the full how-to after the jump!


  • your gift (if the shape is irregular, box it up)
  • light tracing paper
  • background “sky” paper
  • scissors
  • paper punches
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • pens/shapes/tape for decorating
  • ruler
  • craft knife


1. First, use your gift to establish the paper size you need. Cut the background and tracing paper to size.

2. Arrange your gift centrally and mark the middle column; this is the area without a lot of folds where the snow will sit.

3. Make your snow with the punches. Varying sizes and tones add depth. Go crazy and throw some glitter in.

4. Scatter your snow deep, crisp and even over that central column. Mittens optional.

5. Erase your pencil lines.

6. Use your glue or tape and put a thin line around the edge of the sky paper. Adhere your tracing paper to the background and allow to dry.

7. Carefully turn the paper over, so the snow doesn’t move too much, and wrap your gift as normal. Make the edges nice and sharp.

8. Now decorate. Trees, buildings and mountains are nice. We used simple paper shapes, adding detail with a black marker. If you’re a good drawer, that would be excellent.

9. Shake it up! And give to your friend.

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