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diy project: neon tag giftwrap and decor

by Kate Pruitt

If you haven’t tackled your gift wrapping yet, you’re in luck — this is our second DIY today to feature super cheap, super fast and super cute giftwrap and decor projects. This one comes from Sara Rivka Dahan, the DIY expert behind the site Creative Jewish Mom. While at the store, Sara spotted these blank price tag stickers and found herself drawn to their graphic shape and pretty neon hues. I love the simple designs she’s made on the kraft paper gifts, and the snowflakes are awesome as well; they feel so modern and abstract that they could be perfect for any holiday. Except for the stickers, you probably have all the supplies on hand, making this a great last-minute project for a party. Thanks so much for sharing, Sara! — Kate

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  • neon price tag stickers (you can find these in office supply stores, hardware stores or online)
  • recycled cardboard (from cereal boxes or other packaging)
  • jars
  • string
  • kraft paper for wrapping
  • scissors


1. For the snowflakes:

I made my snowflakes on the un-printed side of some recycled cereal boxes, but any heavy-weight paper or cardboard of any kind will work. Each snowflake has a central structure that can then be built upon to make many variations. The simplest way to start your snowflake is the method I’ve shown here, though my favorite is actually made by starting with the center of 6 stickers placed such that the negative space in the center is a hexagon, though this does require a bit more patience. Once you’ve applied your stickers to the cardboard and your snowflake is finished, cut around the snowflake shape, punch a hole in one of the arms of the snowflake, hang and enjoy!

You can use these as gift tie-ons or attach them to string or ribbon to create a garland. Of course, individual snowflakes would also look great hanging on door knobs or chair backs, so go to town and make a bunch!

2. For the giftwrap:
Neon-colored price tag stickers and butcher paper or brown paper bags look great together. Wrap your presents and then have fun applying all kinds of shapes and patterns with the stickers. If the stickers you use are easily removed, or low-tack, and you plan to wrap presents ahead of time or transport them, you may want to play it safe and brush some decoupage medium over your stickers. If this is the case, double wrap your presents so moisture won’t seep through.

3. For the jars:

Who would have thought that you could make chevron and subway-tile patterns with price stickers? If you’ll be using your jars more than a few times, I’d recommend coating them with a layer of Mod Podge or any decoupage medium, as over time, the stickers will certainly start to peel off. Exposure to steam or moisture may also destroy your creations, so take a few minutes to give them a protective coating if longevity is a priority.
You’re done!

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