design solutions for working at home

by Kate Pruitt

I’ve been working from home for a while now, and though I’m always trying to improve my methods, there are a few key challenges that still require my attention. For one thing, my ergonomics are terrible, and my mother would be displeased to see my working posture; it’s pretty pitiful. Another issue that continues to plague me is proper time management: giving myself breaks, separating my work from my personal life, etc.

I’m feeling highly motivated to turn over a new leaf in 2012, and I’ve been on the lookout for great ways to do it. My post this week for MyLifeScoop is about finding the right design solutions for working at home. It covers tons of stuff, from storing and organizing your data to finding the right tools for a healthy work environment. I’m pretty excited to invest in a couple of these items and set up a great home office, and I hope you’ll find something helpful for your own work situations. You can read the full post here. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above from Pottery Barn

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  • i just moved into an apartment with a spare bedroom that i intend on using as an office. this post was a great inspiration for decor ideas!

  • Great post. This is something I’m really working on right now. I don’t work from home, but having a blog is like a second full time job! So I really do spend a lot of time on the computer at night working and such. I’m in the process of getting organized, and that bar/printer cart is exactly what I need! I love that it’s mobile and you can really use it to store anything.

  • What wonderful ideas Kate.
    I’ve been working part-time from home for the last year and def. went through the kinked neck hunched back phase! After a few months of couch-time, I was ready for a desk and chair. Right now, my office consists of a simple gate-leg table as a desk, a cafe chair (surprisingly comfortable) as an office chair and a vintage mod industrial task light. There’s def. room for improvement, but your tips are sure to get me inspired to start 2012 off on the right foot! Thx.

  • I’m already thinking of everything I could put in that shelf (#5)! Thanks for the tips on creating an inspiring environment

  • Great compilation! I’ve been thinking a lot about function and organization lately, so this article is perfect inspiration. I love that there is so much function without compromising the beauty! My favs are the printer caddy, the modular bookshelf, the Yoshimoto cubes, and the Trea chair. Really good stuff! I would love to work in this space.

  • I’ve been working at home for several years now, and it’s really taken a long time to work out the kinks and get the right set up. Something that has really helped me with back and neck problems is having an additional desk/table where I can stand when I do some of my work. If you are short on space, there are tables that adjust. The other thing that has helped with working from home was investing in a really nice storage unit that integrates with my living space. Work supplies are hidden from view, yet readily handy.

  • I agree, I am working from home now, which I love but having a space set up just right has been a challenge. Thanks for this post!