cloud 7

by Grace Bonney

It’s embarrassingly clear that I’m way more of a cat person than a dog person (my series of cat tweets from yesterday should be proof alone). However, I enjoy a fuzzy friend regardless of species, so these beautiful, minimal dog accessories from Cloud 7 are right up my alley. Based in Berlin, Cloud 7 produces simple, high-quality dog beds, toys, pillows and bowls. The bowls in particular are my favorite, but if you’re looking for something well made for the dog lover in your life, click here to check out Cloud 7’s full collection. They even have a new series of travel beds for pets on the go. xo, grace

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  • Wonderful post. I’ve been looking for clean, simple and stylish dog bowls. Everything out there seems to always give a nod to “dog” with a cheesy paw print or come in radical colors that never seem to blend in with the clean aesthetic of our home so we end up using our own dishes.

  • It’s disappointing to see that this is not in the U.S.. Would not order as it is so expensive. Please feature U.S. companies!

    • mona

      our readership is spread across the globe, so i try not to focus entirely on companies in the US. that said, i’d say 80% of what we post is based in the US. so please note that we do feature US companies. but i make sure that anyone we post outside of the US ships to the US, so you still have the option to order. yes, it will cost more, but this site isn’t devoted to only affordable design- it’s about celebrating great design, no matter where it comes from.


  • I love these designs. And the quality is just wonderful. As a dog owner myself I know what heavy wear and tear dog accessories are put through. In the long run it´s more economical to buy something really well made, that maybe costs a few dollars more, than having to replace the item every few months because it´s broken/worn out/had it.

    Mona: Maybe this is a good business opportunity for someone…import from Cloud 7 and distribute in the US!

  • I really like those dog bowls!

    Also, Grace, your tiger-ear-headphone tweet reminds me of these: http://neurowear.com/ Have you seen them? Smart cat ears from Japan — they communicate with your brain and reflect your feelings. I saw them in this year’s Time magazine inventions issue. I’d wear them!