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cabin cove: an oyster garden + shuck truck

by Amy Azzarito

Inspired by their love of Maine, oysters and the ocean, Juliet Totten of Poppies & Posies (see Juliet’s New York home here) and her business partner, Michael Mcallister, took the leap into aquaculture and founded Cabin Cove last winter. The name was inspired by Juliet’s family cabin, and the duo began farming oysters in South Bristol, Maine, right at the mouth of the Damariscotta River. Their operation is still so tiny that they call it a garden rather than a farm, but their unique garden spot — right where the river meets the ocean — produces a spectacularly briny oyster. As the pair began working on their oyster garden, they realized they also wanted a means of bringing their oysters to people that was a little more special than going the traditional distributor route, and the Shuck Truck was born.

Image above: The Cabin Cove Shuck Truck by Oh Darling!

Image above by Oh Darling!

Michael and Juliet searched high and low for an antique trailer that could be converted into the perfect food truck. After months of researching how to remodel a trailer, they came across this 1963 Globetrotter. It had been previously owned by a catering company in Vermont, so much of the conversion work had already been done. The pair tweaked the trailer a bit to make it work for Cabin Cove, and then they hit the road, bringing their Maine oysters to weddings, regattas and wine tastings all over New England. Yum. A field trip to Maine is now on my summer calendar. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: The Cabin Cove oyster garden by Amy Masciola

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Image above by Amy Masciola

Image above by Amy Masciola

Image above by Amy Masciola

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