bkr: the bottle

Earlier this fall when we gathered to celebrate and shoot Amy’s upcoming book, we all fell in love with one of the props that stylist Randi Brookman Harris brought on set. Her friend had designed this fantastic water bottle that was actually made of glass but could be toppled over without breaking. Designers and friends Tal and Kate designed their bottle, called bkr, to be safe, green and minimal. The glass and silicone design is cute, colorful, durable and — best of all — won’t leach chemicals into your water like other plastic bottles. I was instantly swayed by the design and thought they’d make a great last-minute gift idea. If you’re going to dedicate yourself to being better about drinking water in the new year (which is always a good idea), this would be a nice way to do it. Click here to check out all six colors and to order online ($28 each). Thanks, Randi! xo, grace


I actually really like Rive’ glass water bottles. I have 3 of them because they are the prettiest bottles by far with amazing designs. If you haven’t seen these, you should take a look riveusa.com


So chic – and so much better than the amount of plastic bottles I go through each year (I recently read that New Zealanders go through 100 bottles each every single year).

gluten free gift

Good for a static location… for while they are not breakable – I imagine that they are still HEAVY! This would look gorgeous on a desk or the kitchen counter… (perhaps even inspiring me to drink more water?) …and I’ll stick to my stainless steel beater for the road.