before & after: multi-drawer media console

There’s a soft spot in my heart for all mismatched furniture pieces, be it dining sets, cabinets, seating, etc. Naturally, this multi-drawer media console by Kara Paslay ranks on that list. By building white MDF boxes to surround each individual drawer, Kara and her husband, Tim, were able to stack the drawers in whatever formation they liked. This piece feels fun and Droog-inspired — definitely a conversation piece in the room. Awesome work, Kara and Tim! — Kate

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Time: 14 hours

Cost: $250

Basic Steps

This is what we used to make the piece:

  • (1) 4 x 8 ft sheet of stain-grade plywood
  • (1) 4 x 8 ft sheet of MDF
  • old drawers and metal files gathered from local flea markets
  • 1 framed mirror
  • 1 metal base ordered from your local sheet metal shop

This is how we made it:

1. First, we took a trip to the flea market and picked up a bunch of old drawers made of wood and metal. We also grabbed a rectangular mirror that was larger than our DVD player.

2. The metal files were in working order, but we had to make boxes for the rest of the wooden drawers to slide into. Tim made them out of MDF, and I painted them.

3. Next, we stacked the drawers on top of each other until we found a look we were happy with. Once we found that look, we took measurements, and Tim built a large box out of stain-grade plywood.

4. Then we ordered a metal base from our local sheet metal shop. A metal base creates a nice separation from the floor so that it doesn’t feel too heavy/bulky for the space.

5. Last we stuck the drawers inside the plywood box and placed it on the metal base! I feel like the console could have looked very disheveled and DIY (in a bad way), but we were able to make it feel very clean and structured by fitting all the drawers within one larger wooden box.

OH and don’t forget my favorite part!!! Are you wondering where our DVD player is? It’s there . . . you just can’t see it. That is until you rotate the mirror . . . — Kara

*To find out more about how to make the awesome suspended shelves next to the console, click here to read the post on Kara’s site.


Swooning! What a great example of how something old and undesirable can become something unique and gorgeous with the right inspiration!


I like the spirit of the project, as I have always wanted to hide all things electronic. Cleverness with the mirror. Not my taste though.


What an amazing job! I’ve seen this done a few times and want to attempt it so badly, but not sure I have quite the skill just yet. Very jealous.


OMG….I LOVE this. I have a desk sitting in my room right now asking for a makeover. Could this be it? I


Kara and Tim have always been some of my favorite designers. They always bring very unique ideas to the table and create some amazing things out of nothing!


OMG-love is NOT the word….one of the most fantastic pieces i have seen in a long time. And lets mention the art behind tv…whole corner is full of personality and happiness….


!!!!! Nood has a version of this that I have fallen in love with at 8x the cost. This is so well done!!!


so awesome and seriously boosts my own project motivation and confidence. THIS is why i read The Blogs! anyone have any NYC area sources for printer’s type cases? those are my dream top drawer(s).

Tyrene Hickman

I love every single thing about this space! The last pictures makes me wish we could see more!

Brittany Kramer

I have been looking for a media console for 3 years to replace our “temporary” nightstand that the TV has been sitting on. I am making this for sure!!!


I absolutely LOVE this!!! I’ve been needing a reason to change my small media console to better fit the room. Anyone know of any good places in the Chicagoland area I can check out?!

Jen @ Fresh from the...

This is very cool. I have an old Ikea media console right now that I have been wanting to get of for ages, but haven’t found the right thing to replace it with. Maybe I could so something like this!


This is fantastic! I will definately be scouting my local 2nd hand stores for drawers & cabinets ..


Please post on how u did those hanging shelves.LOVe THOSE!!!!!