alison citron

I finally finished my last bit of Christmas shopping yesterday and now I’ve moved on to filling out all the cards I meant to finish filling out last year. While going through my pile I found a stack of cards I’d been meaning to write about since the book tour, but that got lost in the shuffle. These modern stationery designs are from Alison Citron, a designer based in North Carolina. I love her clean, simple pop-up designs and the ombre watercolor collection- they’re a great way to send someone a note without going overboard on the pattern and messages. If you’re looking for a last-minute card or just something sweet to send after the holidays, click here to shop her stationery online. xo, grace

More images of Alison’s cards are after the jump…

Elizabeth Boylan

I love the pop up cards- would love to see an Alison Citron branded iPhone App. We’ve worked on a few iPhone Apps and just released the Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit on It just got a whole lot easier for stationery designers to publish an app. I would love to see quality designers take advantage of our kit to publish their greeting cards to the iPhone.

Martiel B.

So often it seems paper goods, especially greeting and holiday cards, are overt and not my style. I love the clean modern lines of these cards. I wish I could make cards, but I’ve never been able to hone the talent. Instead, my calling goes in the direction of yarn and fabric mostly – – but there is come thing truly serene about these cards. Alison’s talent is clear – thank you for taking the time to share these beautifully made cards – I may just have to order some.


oh- this is really pretty stuff. thank you for sharing. these are classy and minimalist. i like them.