2011 gift guides: $100 and under

Today is my final budget-friendly gift guide (there are still more guides to come), and I’m wrapping things up with gifts on the higher end of the price spectrum: $100 and under. For those with a little extra to spend this year, I’ve rounded up some great options, from jewelry and accessories to tabletop goods, gadgets and handmade specialties. I hope you’ll find something here for someone on your list. And if you’re looking for less pricey items, check out this week’s earlier budget guides: $50 and under and $25 and under. Our full gift guide list is right here (11 guides so far). xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Kin Votives, 5 for $58; Striped Leather Gloves, $98; Plumage Pendant, $64; Belle Jewelry Holder, $69; Spider Web in Glass, $69 (no spiders are harmed in harnessing the web); La Sardina Lomography Camera in Domino, $69.99; Cashmere Peace Sign Hot Water Bottle Cover, $98; Maple Burl Frame, $65; 100% Linen Red and Charcoal Striped Tablecloths, $98 each; Walnut Rear Seat Bicycle Case by Rare Wood, $55

Image above, clockwise from top left: Hemp Pouch by Virginia Johnson, $98; Artbreaker Paperweight, $64; Hex Necklace #2, $98; Mano Storage Jar, $59.95; Pig Butter Dish, $68; Snowshoe Pillow by Virginia Johnson, $98; Crystal Bottle Stopper, $55; Agate Plate, $60 for set of 2; Beeswax Bottles Candle Set, $105 (okay, a little over); Selene Bud Vase, $68; Hive Honey Set, $75

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Image above, clockwise from top left: Ceramic Tea Tower, $55; Handmade Wood & Faulk Leather Belt, $85; Indoor/Outdoor Post Planter, $92; Handmade Half Butter Dish, $98

Image above, clockwise from top left: Tip Top Hat, $60; Needlepoint Stripe Flask, $75; Hot Pink Camel Pouch by Virginia Johnson, $98

Image above: Coyote Bookend, $68 each

Image above, left to right: NPG Everyday Napkins, $60 for set of 10 (I love these); Lime Helene Vase, $79


Ah, put numbers! It takes twice as long to figure it out with numbers…


I am completely lusting over those bottle candles and the agate plate. I WANT THEM NOW!
Shame I am on a DIY only Christmas this year…check my blog for all my gift and decoration ideas!



I love those beautifully bright and fun shaped candles! Perfect for that impossible person to shop for i.e my sister


I love all your gift guides, but I love the ones that tag each item with a number and use the corresponding number in the description/price paragraph so much better. To quote a great book, “Don’t make me think!”


Love this post! thanks! FYI: I found the tea tower at JCPenny, in their “Wrapt” section for $23! Super cute gift for tea lovers in your life.

Grace Bonney


are you sure those aren’t the same company? i know terrain sources a buys a lot of their smaller goods from indie companies..


Grace Bonney


yep, they’re by pollen: http://www.shopterrain.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/article.detail/ID/d863a04b-3d94-4f43-9442-9f37423cb40f

terrain interviewed them for their blog, so they’re not copying.

i know people want to automatically assume that any company associated with URBN inc is ripping people off, but i can assure you that’s not always the case. we work closely with the team at terrain and they are really, really good people. they look for indie brands to support and celebrate (not rip off) on a regular basis.