what’s your tech setup? the dye lab

We were thrilled for the chance to work with Tonya and Alanna on our D*S Summer Newspaper, and when I decided to start my What’s Your Tech Setup? series on MyLifeScoop, I knew they would be high on my list of people to interview. They did not disappoint—these girls have some great gadgets for working both at home and on the road, plus they’ve turned me on to some awesome creative software as well. You can check out their interviews and the full post here. Thanks for sharing your tech setups with us, ladies! —Kate


This is a brilliant post. Thank you.
Only bad thing? Now I must buy the earbuds, the suunto watch… so much goodness.
Keep these posts coming!
Exciting to see the tools entrepreneurs use to do their work successfully.
And LOVE the layout of all the tech toys. Beauty.