vintage by hemingway design

by Grace Bonney

Though my personal design style is moving away from heavy patterns right now, these retro designs from Graham & Brown would be perfect for anyone looking to bring a little 30s, 50s, 60s or 70s-era pattern into their home. I’m partial to the 70s-inspired design above, but if you’re looking to embrace the styles of decades past, this Vintage collection by Hemingway Design for Graham & Brown is a great option. Click here to check out all four designs (and shop online) at Graham & Brown. xo, grace

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  • The first pattern in particular is really appealing, retro, but yet still fresh and modern, maybe it’s the syling of the furniture too… either way, I want it!

  • Love the “loopy lines” as an accent in a library! They look like books floating without shelves to me.

  • Having had to remove wallpaper and fix walls where others did a crap job “removing” it before just painting over the remnants, I loooathe wallpaper.
    I would be willing to entertain some of these designs as stencils though. Or just give me a solid color painted wall (my real preference) and tell me where I can get that desk in the top photo or that hutch and chairs in the bottom photo!

  • Love these patterns! Graham & Brown has some inspiring wall paper. I’ve been thinking about doing an ‘accent’ wall because I love the texture and movement wall paper can bring to a room.

  • #3 (minus the red) reminds me of the wallpaper that was in my dining room on one wall (unfortunately under wall to wall mirrors – the mastic ruined the wallpaper)

  • What is the source for that amazing orange pendant in the third picture?? Anyone?

  • Love these designs. I love that it’s Hemingway Designs because I am reading Paris Wife right now about Hemingway’s first love and I picture Ernest sitting right there at that little desk.

  • I love this gorgeous retro style wallpaper! It is so perfect with the teak furniture shown in the settings. Perhaps seeing these will inspire more use of vintage teak as it is, rather than painting the wood and loosing that mid-century flavor.

  • can anyone source the red chair in the third photo? THANK YOU! inspiring post.

  • I ♥ Graham & Brown and these are a lovely addition to their collections. I must have that first one somewhere in the house!

  • My eyes are in heaven!!! I LOVE all of these designs -the gplan vintage range is just bang on too!!