transparent whiteboard paint

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you slap your head and say, “Finally!” I’ve been waiting forever for someone to make a transparent whiteboard paint, and I’m so glad someone finally has. Sadly, the name of this paint/company (WhiteyBoard) kind of makes me slap my head a little, too. I can’t say it out loud without cringing. Name aside, their transparent whiteboard paint is a great idea. Just paint it over any existing wall paint, let it cure for 12 hours and voila — your [insert wall color] wall is now a whiteboard! Obviously, this won’t work well on super dark walls, but I’d love to try this on a range of pastel colors like a pretty shell pink or soft butter yellow. Options like this continue to narrow the gap between “office” and “home” and give me hope that when we start setting up our new office, I can avoid the sterile office feel of so many workspaces. If you’re looking to dress up your office with a functional whiteboard wall that won’t cramp your color style, click here to pick up a can. xo, grace

*If you’ve tried this or have images of it on a colored wall, I’d love to check them out. I’m considering getting a can just to test it in our office on a paler color. I’ve requested some images on colored walls from the company . . .

Courtney Detlefs

The commercial wallcovering company Wolf Gordon just released a similar product, called Wink. They has some good photos of the clear coat over fun wall
colors. Check it out!


There is another product called Ideapaint…they have been around for a while now, check out Mainly north american markets though.

Kim Wike, darling&dear

I was just about to type out the same comment that Courtney has above. I’ve spec’ed it for an office space that’s currently under construction and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Wink is a much better name than Whiteyboard!

Ann Porter (KitchAnn}

I love the idea of a transparent top coat. I only wonder if it stains when red markers are used and the designs/words are left up for a while. That would be bad.


I also have been watching IdeaPaint for a couple of years now. It’s a little pricey for me to buy for just a small home project, but if you could go in on a pot with some friends there are some wonderful ideas. I’d love to cover a credenza or a kid’s dresser or table with the orange color.


Love the idea and thanks everyone else for the other suggestions. We have been toying with this idea for a while for our backroom at the shop.

Jared Garner

For everyone who is wondering about IdeaPaint, it is a terrible product. We used it for our offices and it is impossible to erase. Don’t waste your money.

We tried WhiteyBoard Paint when they launched last month and have been very happy with it. Wink also looks cool.


Actually, I think that this would work great on dark colors as well – you would just have to use the neon markers that are made for black dry erase boards like these,

Great idea! I would love to try this on a wall of my studio.


idea paint comes in a very limited color range, this is clear so your walls can be an color!! great find thanks for sharing


We just bought the Malaysia made Candy Whiteboard Paint ( 2 sqm clear colour starter pack (they also have 5 & 10 sqm kit) with very affordable price. I love clear colour because it maintain the same colour of the wall in our office. We paint part of the whiteboard paint on top of an adhesive stainless steel paper so it is a true magnetic whiteboard. You can email them . They ship everywhere by ocean freight.


I have been using ideapaint for the past 3 years and it’s still works well , and just have their ideapaint CLEAR painted on my laminated cabinets, really awesome.


Hi, I have been using IdeaPaint for 2 years now. Its has been great to my daily operation as a creative firm. I strongly recommend it! and their services was good too. Thumbs up IdeaPaint! if I am not wrong they are carried by wall tailor the company.

Felix Lim

I just bought Candy Whiteboard Paint recently at JayJayJolly at 131 East Coast Road (63488455) . Cheaper than IdeaPaint and serve the same purpose as dry erase board. I bought the clear color, they have also white, black, green….. Highly recommend !!


What a great product, It has taken a while but, if you are in Australia this new retailer is stocking white board paint. Different brands and a litle cheaper but still work great –


We just had Wink put into our new building and it’s great. But now I am concerned about making sure people understand which walls they can write on and which ones they can’t. Wink kind of laughed when I asked the question and had no solutions, beyond writing something on the wall itself (which someone could eventually erase anyway!) I am not sure what to do. Thoughts?

Erin Clark

This is a great idea, how’s the ghosting on the surface? I’ve tried comparable products and found that after spending too much money Draw Itpaint was the only one that stood up to the test of time. Can we get an update on the wall as it is today?