tech inspiration: gattaca

I’ve been enjoying a lot of sci-fi movies lately, particularly those with strong visual landscapes. I thought it would be fun to create a spin-off of Amy’s Living In column for MyLifeScoop, and I’m focusing on films that approach technology in interesting and inspiring ways. My first pick for this series is Gattaca, a film that remains a favorite of mine despite its cheesy narration, mostly due to the beautiful mid-century-meets-futuristic set design.

The movie makes use of the cold and somewhat severe side of modernism, with a heavy emphasis on black leather and steel. However, there are some great design cues to be taken from the film that one could mix with the right textiles and touches of warmth to create beautiful interiors. You can check out the full roundup of products and images from the film here at MyLifeScoop. Enjoy! — Kate


god, gattaca is one of my favorite movies after a teacher showed it to us in high school! I haven’t seen it in forever!! these items also remind me of barney (how I met your mother)’s apartment. lol, I’m a nerd.


My science teachers always made us watch this movie in high school when they didn’t feel like teaching. It’s fortunate that it’s such a good movie with cool visuals! I always thought that maybe living in a dystopian society wouldn’t be so bad if it looked like that.


I never tire of watching ‘Gattaca’ just for it’s set designs and locations. Love every shot!