strawser + smith

I just flew home to CA after a short trip to visit Grace and Amy in NYC before they re-embarked on the book tour. I tried to see as many shops as I could before I left, but somehow I missed Strawser + Smith, even though it was only six blocks from where I was staying. I would have loved to see these pieces in person; they look so appealing to touch and interact with. Personally, I’m getting a bit tired of some of the most well-worn classic industrial territory in the design world, which is why these pieces really impress me — they combine the materials of old with some pretty interesting and unusual new shapes. My favorite pieces are the coat rack and bench combo and the space-age curvilinear coffee table below. So cool! You can check out the full collection online or in their shop in Brooklyn. — Kate


The cart is really interesting with the oversize wheels. they look like bike wheels and that helicopter fabric is amazing. I’m not into helicoptors, but it’s captivating.


Eye candy! I am going to NYC in December – what other stores would you recommend?


Wish you had been able to stop in there. They do some beautiful work! Their hand blown glass pieces are stunning to say the least. We had some of their lamps in our shop for a while with hand blown glass shades and they were just breathtaking to look at.