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sneak peek: robert kristiansen’s summer home

by anne

Mary Beth Koeth spent the summer in Oslo, Norway, for her semester abroad in photography studies. While there, she stayed in a fabulous summer home just outside the city that overlooked a fjord. After photographing her summer home, the owner and interior designer, Robert Kristiansen, invited her to shoot his personal home (stay tuned for that Sneak Peek next!). Sounds like an amazing experience overall and a great look into Scandinavian design. Thanks to Robert for opening up his summer home, and to Mary Beth for the fabulous photos! — Anne

Image above: I enjoy mixing and matching pieces. The colors in this room add warmth and bring it to life. I found the yellow cabinet in a friend’s basement, commented on how much I liked it . . . and oddly enough, they were happy to have me take it away!

Image above: The fireplace makes this space. The architecture is just so special.

Image above: Sheepskin is a common thing in Norway. You’ll see it in most Norwegian interiors. It’s cozy and inviting.

The rest of Robert’s Sneak Peek continues after the jump . . .

Image above: How to make a not-so-attractive couch look good in a space? Solution: Throw white blankets, sheepskin and a bunch of pillows on it. It works for me.

Image above: I find a lot of the pieces at estate sales and antique shops. This mirror is from an old church. I bought it at an outdoor market.

Image above: One of my favorite spaces in the house. This home is over 100 years old — the architecture is so unique. It’s like a sculpture. The way the light streams in throughout the day is also pretty incredible. The black and white print of Raphael’s The School of Athens in the right corner of the room was found at a market in Denmark. I love how the arch in the foreground mimics the space.

Image above: The storage in this kitchen is little to none — what you see is what you get. There’s something charming about having it all out on display.

Image above: The definition of cozy. Norwegians are good about making the most out of every inch of space. You see this a lot in older Norwegian homes. This area is really nothing more than a hallway; a hallway that can sleep someone is a lot more useful.

Image above: These two conjoined beds are original to the house and are over a hundred years old. They were an absolute mess when I found them. I restored them with an antique white paint to keep the antique feel.

Image above: Someone gave me the piece on the wall as a gift. I’m so glad that I’ve held on to it all these years.

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