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sneak peek: robert kristiansen

by anne

Interior designer Robert Kristiansen was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. His father owned a large travel business, making travel an important part of his life, not only for the extraordinary people he’s met but also for the incredible objects that have worked their way into his Nesodden, Norway, home. Being raised in a winter wonderland, snow has long been a part of Robert’s life, and the reason he likes white so much. It’s like air, and he can breathe a little deeper when walking into a white space, no small comfort since home is where he spends most of his time. (He also owns a painting company, so painting is never an issue.) When working in other people’s homes, he uses more color, which is often inspired by the objects from his travels. Many thanks to Robert and to Mary Beth Koeth for the photos! — Anne

Image above: I enjoy combining old Norwegian objects with very modern design from outside of Norway. The wallpaper is from Sanderson. The equestrian boots and helmet belong to my youngest daughter, Noomi.

Image above: This porch overlooks the fjord. It’s so nice to sit out here and watch the sunrise in the mornings.

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Image above: I painted the ceilings with a high-gloss white paint. The reflections bring the nature outside into the house.

Image above: The light in this room is amazing. I’m surrounded by windows overlooking nature. I bought this desk in Drøbak, Norway, at an outdoor market and painted it white.

Image above: My six-year-old daughter, Noomi, inspires me to become even more openhearted and creative each day. It’s fantastic seeing her paintings, the way she is mixing colors. She made the yellow lantern in the photo. This baby carriage was bought at a friend’s antique shop.

Image above: These are my father’s old rain boots. Every time I walk in the door and see them, I’m reminded of him.

Image above: Cooking is a huge part of my life . . . it’s a way to express creativity. Good food and good red wine are also important to me.

Image above: The living room looks different in every type of light. It’s so beautiful just after the sun goes down.

Image above: The deck is a place for relaxation. When I get home from work, I like to drink a glass of wine and read my book out here.

Image above: These stairs are original to the house. They’re so charming that I don’t have the heart to replace them.

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  • swoon. the living room… if I was there I’d thank God everyday, every time I look out of the glass. and the deck, and the stairs, just looking at them makes you smile. Robert Kristiansen and his family are very lucky, wish u all, always, remain happy and content in your beautiful homes. :D
    I think it’s the extra raisins I had that’s making me mushy, yet I mean those wishes with all my heart! Any dad who appreciates his daughter’s art deserves warm wishes.

  • In my next life, I want to come back as Norweigian. I love the food and the people and the Scandanavian style. Thanks for sharing.

  • I live in Northern California where the grasses turn yellow in the harsh summer sun. Our cedar sided house suffers terribly in this same harsh light. If I could duplicate your oiled or stained siding on my house, I could imagine we live in Norway. What is the name or a possible equivalent to an American brand? Plus I adore that faux fur blanket on the porch for cold mornings. Where did you pick up that lovely? Cheers, Yvonne

  • All the white! Not overdone at all. The white doesn’t feel “blah,” rather it accentuates the pieces in every room. Lovely!

  • Flawless! Though the angle/lighting in the dining space photo, reminded me somewhat of medical staff standing over a gurney:P

  • Fantastic design,amazing view and the painting-job is outstanding. This man knows the drill….Cool-very cool!!

  • the view is the winner in this home, you’ve showcased it so beautifully! I agree with Teresa, I hope to be reincarneted as a scandinavian!

  • I want all of the outdoor spaces! Not just the views, but the way the decks are done and the original stairs are just so cool!

    Love the views and the huge windows!

  • Isn’t this place for sale? I thought that I saw a posting for it on another blog…
    It’s a beautiful place for sure.

  • What a good balance between bright stark white and nookish, time-worn coziness! Very lovely…

  • His home is beautiful. The big windows and the light color of the house doesn’t compete with nature. You feel one with it.

  • A great example of a liberal use of white can create warmth in a home. I love the view of the outdoors from your porch and windows. Beautiful. I also love the little touches of memories you leave here & there in your home ( I do the same).

  • that blanket in the black metal chair on the porch is gorgeous—what is it?
    thank you for your inspiration

  • I am so lucky to have you as a father. You are simply amazing!
    Love you dad!