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sneak peek: kate s. jordan & david chanpong

by Amy Azzarito

This fall, Grace and I have been lucky enough to hold several events for Design*Sponge at Home in Anthropologie stores around the country. We never cease to be amazed by the local talent at each and every store. So today, it’s an extra treat to peek inside the home of Anthropologie senior stylist, Kate S. Jordan, and Anthropologie’s digital creative director, David Chanpong. The couple lives in Philadelphia, just a block from Wissahickon Park, which at 1,800 acres is one of the largest parks in the world. Their home was designed in 1951 by Frank Weise (who trained under Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer). Kate, David, their two dogs, Georgia & Sadie and cat, Micah, are only the fourth family to live in the home, and they’ve kept everything original, adding only decorative touches — things that they love and that inspire them. Thanks to Kate & David, and a big thank you to Nick Steever for the photographs! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: This is a little nook under our stairs. The built-in coat closet parchment doors are original. The entire wall is covered in cork, and it smells amazing. I know it sounds bizarre, but I always take a whiff of it while going up or down the stairs; it smells a little like red wine and cigar smoke and brings to mind wonderful parties. The vintage pie safe was a gift from one of my very greatest friends, mentor and food stylist extraordinaire, Laurie Wolf. In the months leading up to her relocation to Portland, I dropped hints constantly about how in love I was with the piece. Lucky for me, she doesn’t miss a beat. The glass vase contains a collection of matchbooks that my grandfather kept throughout the years. Man, there are some really amazing fonts and graphics on those little matchbooks! The little orange lamp is from one of my favorite stores, Three Potato Four. The majority of the walls are painted with Clean White by Benjamin Moore.

Image above: Our fireplace is such a treat when it’s chilly. Since it’s gas-fed, all I need to do is push a button to have a fire! The recycled glass vase is from Anthropologie, and the steer horns were a find from Three Potato Four.

The rest of Kate and David’s Sneak Peek continues after the jump . . .

Image above: Our bedroom gets lots of great light, but we also have a window shade that blocks every ounce of sunlight; I could sleep for days with it down! One day while thrifting, I found this old photo album from 1970s of a young woman’s European vacation — looks like she and her friends traveled all over, stayed in hostels, visited family in England and had the best time! It’s one of my most treasured finds, as the Polaroids are just so full of youth, exuberance and exploration. I framed them all chronologically; this is one of four frames. The lamp is from Anthropologie; the wooden birds, designed by Kristian Vedel, were a gift from David (but you can get them here). The Swiss Army blanket was an Etsy splurge. I’ve always wanted one, but those in great condition are a little pricey. Suffice it to say, I had a glass of wine before I placed the order.

Image above: Our downstairs area is pretty unusual — it’s more or less double-height, there are floor-to-ceiling windows to the right of the image’s frame and glass doors and windows leading out to our patio to the left of the image’s frame. The cork wall, again, is so lovely and smells so great. The couch is from Restoration Hardware; the rug is from Crate and Barrel; the credenza and coffee table are from Anthropologie. David haaaaates that tiger painting (he once told me right before his mother came to visit our home for the first time that she hated folk art, so I had to get rid of it. Please!), but I refuse to let it go. Have you ever seen such an emotional tiger? Ugh, he breaks my heart sometimes.

Image above: Our bathroom is original to the house. Never got around to putting a curtain up over the window. I’m of the opinion that if our neighbor sees anything, it’s probably old news to him at this point. The towel is from Anthro; the tiny jar of matchsticks is from Terrain.

Image above: Our bookshelves are getting more and more stuffed as time passes. Probably out of everything, books are my most favorite things to collect. They’re a constant source of inspiration and information and are great for propping on shoots! A word of note, though: Organizing your books by spine color is not, in fact, “organizing.” At this point, I have a general idea of where certain books are but have dim luck trying to find that recently bought copy of She Came to Stay in a timely fashion. I bought the small oil painting on Etsy from Linda Donohue’s lovely shop. I find her work to be so ethereal and temporal. The vulture photograph is by Sharon Montrose.

Image above: Another view of our living room. The animals go bonkers for all the windows — there is so much to stare and bark at. Also, the Noguchi lamps are original to the house. Last year, we had our Christmas tree where the Barcelona chair sits. After I Googled info on the lamps, you can bet that the tree topper immediately came down. No pointy objects near those things!

Image above: Our dining table. Downstairs, the dining area and living space are all one open room. Having a space with so many windows allows us to really feel the effect of the weather. That said, because of all the architectural textures and the layout, our home always feels cozy, no matter what’s storming outside!

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  • I’ve been to this lovely home and it’s as beautiful as in the photos thanks to the talented stylist and my boss lady KJ…and of course David. Quite a comfy space to be in too!! :)

  • Loving the cork walls! I did a teenage boy’s room for some clients in cork 2 years ago (cork walls with lapis blue ceilings) and have loved seeing how he has displayed his latest obsessions on the walls. Cork brings a great versatility and fabulous texture to walls. Love it!

  • It’s funny that you say David hates the Tiger painting. When I first looked at the picture of your living room it was the thing I was immediatly drawn too and loooved!

  • Literally the best home I have ever seen posted on designsponge. WOW! I want to live there so much!

  • I love the cork walls and your Swiss army blanket! I have to say though, your living room rug looks a bit like a large bathroom rug…maybe it just doesn’t photograph well.

  • First, I want the Restoration Hardware couch… and the head in the bathroom… and basically the whole house…

    I love that everything in the house is original, and I love that it has been taken such great care for! The whole space is gorgeous, and I adore all of the Etsy finds! Way to support small artists!

  • Wow, how beautiful! This house is perhaps most similar to my taste… Love the Barcelona chair (we have one, too), and love the Anthro bedside lamp!

  • Finally someone points out that book spine color organization does not work as a bibliographic strategy! It’s good, though, if you and your books only live in photographs and on photo shoot sets…

  • OK They are Beautiful people, in a Beautiful home, with Beautiful items, connected to
    one of my most Beautiful stores. So just give it up for Beautiful! :)

  • Actually, it’s Fairmount Park, which encompasses the Wissahickon. Loved the design.

  • Your home is lovely! I’m a fan of etsy artists also, it is wonderful to know a little bit and even correspond with an artist who’s work you admire.

    Jealous of the Noguchi lighting! The cake safe is awesome too, I don’t blame you for “throwing the hint”.

  • Wow, this is truly fabulous- especially in the face of today’s news that 47 million Americans are living in poverty. Priorities, anyone?

  • I’d love to know who did the Vincent Van Gogh illustration in the upper left of photo of the bookshelves. Beautiful home, thanks!

  • Rare and brilliant to see a mid-century home appreciated so. Love the parchment doors, love… well everything, really.

  • just as well they have fabulous jobs to get them out of the house or they might just want to stay indoors hehe

  • It’s funny how much of this stuff I recognize from the Anthro website, but that’s to be expected, I guess. I love her sense of humor, by the way! Hilarious woman!

  • The house isn’t really my style, but I really like what they’ve done with it. I love how it’s filled with so many natural looking things and plants.

    Wondering what lens was used to take the photo of the note on the door? I love the fall bokeh colors in the background.

  • Great House. I really appreciate that you have complemented the architecture of the home with a great sense of style and furnishings and haven’t tried to change it into what I see in every design magazine. This seems like a really nice place to actually “live” in.

  • I have been looking for that “brain”-poster forever – could you please give me I hint where I can get that, preferrably online since I am from Vienna, Austria?

  • I absolutely love the cork wall (would also be really great in a study or studio for mood boards… giant pinboard!) and the steer horns. very stylish home :)

  • @Anne Sisco: fortunate for you, but it doesnt change things for the other 48.99 mil.

  • my husband and i have been contemplating buying that exact credenza for a year…i guess this is a sign! :)

  • I love this space, especially with the plexi coffee table with rope handles! (Or is it a lucite coffee table?) Either way, so fabulous!

  • thank goodness you kept the tiger painting!! It is very cool! I have a great tiger sculpture folk art piece that is almost as good..I love your home.. thanks for sharing!

  • Many thanks for all of the kind words! And thanks, Mrs. Chanpong! :)
    @Lucy, the bookshelves are from Ikea: very affordable and only a casual pain to put together! :)
    @Ryan, the rug does kinda look like a bathmat; that was my first thought, too, when we looked at it. BUT, one walk around on it barefoot and you never want to walk on anything else.
    @Meristem, I’ll research tonight who the artist is. The Free Library of Philadelphia held a print show a few years ago and I picked it up there. They actually hold some really great events. If you’re ever in the Philly area, you should check out their schedule!

  • Laughing about the tiger. I’m with your husband on that one. First thing that looked out of place. Beautiful house, though. I’m happy for your success. I also love the idea of a cork wall for a teenage room, commenter Kyle.

  • I love the dining table setting , where did you get the dishes? Plates. mugs and saucers… you have a beautiful home

  • Gorgeous home, very livable and stylish! I really love the credenza in the living room. I don’t see it on the Anthropologie website anymore… although I remember seeing it there sometime in the past. Do you know if it’s still available somewhere?

  • Hey, @Bridgette! The plates were actually a hand-me-down from my mom. She had them in her first apartment; when I moved into mine so many years ago, she gave them to me! The pattern is Finlandia, manufactured by Myott of Staffordshire, England. A quick search turned up loads of results on eBay and Replacements, Inc. The juice glasses are from Anthropologie (I don’t think they’re available anymore); the cups and saucers are by Russel Wright. Found them at a local vintage store. I’m sure you can find them on etsy or eBay.
    @Kelly, thank you! The credenza is by Iannone Design, a firm based in Philadelphia. Here’s their site: http://www.iannonedesign.com/furniture.html

  • Was ecstatic to find this post of a lovely home for a lovely gal! What a wonderful space… the photos convey the great energy it has, and even allude to many happy memories yet to be made. All the best to you and David! — Brigid Darragh