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sneak peek: julia galdo and cody cloud of JUCO

by anne

Professional photographers Cody Cloud and Julia Galdo form the two halves of JUCO, based in Eagle Rock, California. Their Tudor-style home dates back to the 1920s and has seen a fair amount of wear and tear over the years, but it all fits with Julia and Cody’s thrift-meets-mid-century style for a home that is clean, simple and colorful. Collecting art, both new and old, is also very important to them. And not only do they have an awesome home, but they also have a sweet swimming pool (do not miss the GIANT floating swan after the jump!). See more of their work here. Thanks, Julia and Cody! — Anne

Image above: This is the master bedroom. Everything you’ll see in our house is pretty much bought second hand. The fan was bought in Arizona at a garage sale. The bedding was all found at the thrift store (even that Hudson Bay blanket). And Cody drove to Seattle and back to pick up that Palaset grouping of 20 boxes from Craigslist. We have two of those dinosaur lamps, both found at different places. And then found the perfect shades at a friend’s store.

Image above: This is the view from the dining room to the living room. The rainbow prints on the wall Cody discovered in a small thrift store in Ventura. They are called California I and II, and they are signed and numbered. We bought those framed for $10 a piece!

Image above: Julia’s picks

The rest of Julia and Cody’s home tour continues after the jump . . .

Image above: You can’t see it in this photograph, but our view while sitting at the dining table is a row of mountains! It’s totally incredible. The formica table, chairs and hutch set were bought in San Diego at an estate sale for $100.

Image above: In our office, we have a wall devoted to art and prints we’ve found. The couch is for client seating (or friends crashing). Obviously, things are a little crooked, but nothing is in perfect condition in our house. We started collecting psychedelic knit pillows at the thrift store as soon as we discovered they exist.

Image above: This is the view from my desk in the office. We bought that rainbow circular thing for a shoot a while back — it projects rainbows onto the wall. All of the windows in our house are criss-crossed like this.

Image above: This is Julia’s desk in our office. We’re not very smart about our cables . . . yikes. But we ARE smart about collecting Herman Miller office furniture second hand! We bought the desk (from the tubular collection) in Arizona for $750 — that thing will last us a lifetime. And the Herman Miller chair from the aluminum group was purchased at a flea market. It didn’t have any cushions, so it was cheap. Cody went and had them made for me. (I’m sitting in it now and it’s comfy.)

Image above: We love plants, even when they get a little out of control. This is our wall of inspiration. It hasn’t changed much since Cody first posted images from an old Olympics book we found. Below are all negatives.

Image above: The living room! We were blessed with high ceilings and windows on both sides. The sectional couch is Herman Miller that Cody found on Craigslist for $250. I guess they needed to get rid of them fast, and we were happy to take them. The brown rainbow on the wall is two pieces. I found one in San Francisco before dating Cody, and he found the other one in Arizona years later.

Image above: Cody made this table. We found the frame of it at a flea market for $8. And then Cody took the time to tile (with vintage tiles) the boards he cut for it. I love this thing. We found those heads in separate thrift stores around California. We don’t know what they were originally for, but we love them.

Image above: This is our refrigerator and my bowl collection. We have one roommate, Doug. He’s the guy against the pink background in the middle (as a 14-year-old). He’s the best roommate, and we love him. My bowl collection is a bit unhealthy but most definitely beautiful.

Image above: Our kitchen has not been remodeled since the 70s and that’s okay. We have pots and pans and everything else to go with it.

Image above: Record listening area: two big pillows from the 60s with a shag element to them, a big Palaset collection, my old arc lamp and the brown rainbows. Cody collects the records. I listen to them.

Image above: Cody’s little cubbie. This is in our bedroom area. Left of the bed, he has a few man purses, his cameras and a couple of hats (which I wish he’d wear more of).

Image above: Here’s our deep-talk porch area. A lot of meaningful things have been said here, and a handful of not-so-meaningful drunken discussions, too. We collect a lot of plants, and we also collect cute vintage planters for them to go in.

Image above: Here’s our backyard and my sexy pool boy, Cody Cloud. The swan is now dead, sadly. Too many late night pool trick fests during the summer wore her out. If you Google-imaged our house, you’d see her in the satellite view.

Image above: Cody’s picks

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  • This is the wackiest ever. Love it. Especially the rainbow sectional couch with all the other rainbows, and all in a 1920s Tudor. Hats off to them. So inspiring.

  • This house is fun and uniquely approachable–I, too, have a mess of cables under my desk! I really love that little story about the rainbow piece in the living room–how cool that you each found the different parts at different times in your lives!

  • Good stuff.

    So crazy, my husband and I have that exact same wall hanging in the first photo. It’s also hanging above our bed and we found it at the PCC flea market. Wow!

  • I love your home, I love that you just buy what you love and are not neutral slaves… Gorgeous! Your living room is amazing… I have serious envy for that couch…I’d love to know where you got that rug by the dining room table and the rainbow-shooting whatsit. I need a rainbow-shooting whatsit.

  • We love this fantastic fun funky house! Love the sectional and the vintage linens and textiles (I have such a weakness for those). Just love the colors, the ideas, the creativity and the funkiness!

  • I love this home. It is so colourful with so much to see, but not overcrowded or stifling at all. I’d be happy to live there!

  • Your two front pillows are stitched in a style called “bargello”- a HUGE trend in the 70s- this might help you find more of them ;) Beautiful home, your furniture collection is inspirational!

  • I am a devoted D*S reader but this is the first time I have ever written in…I LOVE this place, everything about it. It feels like the perfect party house with so much humor and spirit. My FAVORITE Sneak Peek ever ever ever.

  • I’ve just found you DESIGN*SPONGE and I am smitten, and these rooms are quirky and visually cool!

  • I love your design sensibility! And I would love to join you for one of those “deep” conversations on the deck. You really are inspiring me to spend more time looking around Craigslist. I only have one meager suggestion for a slight improvement. For the unruly desk cords, you could try Velcro brand hook-and-loop strips or metal buckle clips.

  • What a great thing that you made the place like it is together. Love your stories because of that. And the California artpieces I and II are awesome.

  • I love how this house wasn’t overly styled the way so many homes are for home decor features. Cables showing underneath a desk! Shocking! Pictures askew! Oh my. But that pool is divine. I’m sure another swan can be found though. A reader will volunteer a source, to be certain.

  • Reminds me very much of the design duo Wary Meyers home and interiors. These are the kind of homes I’d really, REALLY like to see the inside of more often on here!!!

  • Looks like such a stylish yet homely living space. I love it. Great use of colour and I’m in love with the computer desk.

  • I’ve never actually posted a comment on a website before… this place is just rediculously awesome though!!
    I find it so cool to see how you’ve made so many patterns and colour combinations work in one space and it’s not overwhelming at all!
    This is so beautiful, well done!

  • I am obsessed with the wall hanging above the bed! I have been searching the internet for 2 days trying to find something similar.

    It seems that they were widely produced- Erin Silver from 90210 even has one in her apartment on the show.

    If ANYBODY knows how to get hold of one, PLEASE let me know.

    P.S. This is definitely my all time favourite sneak peek.

  • The wall hanging above the bed is IDENTICAL to the one we had in our house growing up and I miss it sooooo much! When my mom passes away I expected to find it in storage somewhere but no luck. This reminded me of her and brought me to tears. Where did you get it??