sneak peek: dana frigerio

Five years ago, garden designer Dana Frigerio, her architect husband and the family cat moved into this 1914 home located in the village of Blevio, right on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. The home is opposite the famous Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, and it had special significance for Dana, as it was once her grandmother’s house. The antique furniture that originally belonged to her grandmother was the starting point for the home’s design. Dana brought modern elements, such as the newly renovated kitchen, into the mix, and the result is a home with a past that functions for the family’s present. Thanks, Dana! Special thanks to Cristiano Ostinelli for the lovely photos. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: The dining room is furnished with antiques from my grandmother, which date back to the end of the 19th century. The hanging lamp is designed by Ernesto Gismondi, the Metmorfosi sur Nur by Artemide.

Image above: This Chinese cabinet is used as our bar. I stenciled the gold flowers onto the wall to add a little sparkle above the bar.

The rest of Dana’s home tour continues after the jump!

Image above: The paper notes chandelier is by Ingo Maurer. I love how the traditional crystal drops have been replaced by scribbled paper notes.

Image above: Hallway leading into the bedroom. The stripes were another one of my painting projects.

Image above: The bookshelves are from Ikea. Next year, we would love to take the shelves all the way to the ceiling.

Image above: I mixed the paint color for the bathroom. The light with gold garland is by Tord Boontje, the Dutch-born, London-based designer.

Image above: A pair of armchairs from my grandmother. They were originally green, and I redid them in an antique linen from Poland.


I love how the only live creature in these pics is the cat ambling slowly somewhere, looking perhaps for a place to sleep? Or more cat chow. We’ll never know. Nevertheless, charming but I don’t see how the shelves in that one room can go any higher than they are now. What’s needed here is some yarn to insulate the place and keep it warm, but keep it away from the cat. Meow!


What a beautiful home, and I love the significance of it being her grandmother’s home previously. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Lake Como lately, and this isn’t making it any better, that’s for sure! Gorgeous.


Love the unexpected twists, like the stripes and the colorful glam bathroom. Also, gotta love people who have so many books!


You have a lovely, warm home with major heart. I love it when people are color-brave.


What’s great about this house is that it seems surprisingly un-decorated, as if each unexpected piece just grew in right where it is. It feels absolutely un-styled and I love it!


Wow, grandma had fabulous furniture! Love the mix of new and old, and the gold stencil.


I just LOVE the stenciled gold flowers! Where do you get such a great stencil like that one!?


The Barley twist on the table & cabinet are so yummy! And the beautiful details on the cabinet doors & table edge & back of the chair. ENVIOUS!!!!

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

Gorgeous mix of old and new….

I adore the book cases! And I would agree with the commenter above; how could they go any higher than they already are?? Obviously, you are obsessed with books as I am. Marvelous place~

Thanks, Heidi

ginnie cummo

I too have some of my grandmother’s furniture from the turn of the century and I absolutely love living with it. But, what could be better than actually have it in her home! How wonderful.

Dana Frigerio

Ciao a tutti thanks for yours lovely comments!!

responce : in our library we done only 3 walls with bookshelves , next year I will finish all the room :)