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sneak peek: best of purple

by anne

In going through the 500+ sneak peeks we’ve featured, I must admit that I was surprised by how little purple was represented in homes, particularly given its calm and welcoming effect. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re looking to do something different with your home, purple could become the next big thing. Here are some of our favorite examples of purple used around the house in beautiful ways. Anne

Image above: Lauren Stern’s purple paradise

Image above: Danielle Deboe’s vintage couch and purple wall

Image above: Heather Frazier’s collection of a spectrum of purple vases

More purple fever continues after the jump!

Image above: Purple floral accents at Rion Nakaya’s UK home

Image above: Joslyn Taylor’s eggplant bedroom

Image above: Dining with Laura Terp Hansen

Image above: Caryn Grossman’s palette-of-purple bedroom

Image above: Jill Bliss’ light purple living room walls

Image above: Emma Jane Noren’s purple couch

Image above: Purple cushions from India in the Paris home of Bridgette Comazzi and Ivan Duval

Image above: Ann Wood’s purple doors

Image above: A simple touch of purple in the office of John and Linda of Wary Meyers

Image above: A simple lavender cover in Joel Henrique’s guest room

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  • Is it possible that there is another vintage couch like the one seen here out in the world that exists just for me? Stunner

  • Love these!
    I just painted my bedroom the palest shade of purple and am thrilled with the result – the barely there colour is going to be the perfect backdrop for a lovely wall art gallery. I like that it’s just a little more different and dynamic than the expected white gallery walls!

  • My guy just vetoed purple for our new house – so I guess it won’t be a full rainbow. I wish I took more pics of my pinky lavender last bedroom.

  • THRILLED to see this! I’ve loved purple forever (seriously, I begged to have my room painted violet when I was eleven) but it’s seldom featured on shelter sites or in magazines. Purple + green = best color combo ever. Thanks for the eye candy; my gloomy Monday mood just improved considerably!

  • i’m with you — why so little purple, world??? i painted my new kitchen purple last year and love it every day.

  • Purple has been my favorite color for ages. So glad it is getting the attention it deserves! I had a shadowy, dusty orchid purple in my former master bedroom that was so relaxing and it really made our moldings and window treatments pop! I don’t know why people don’t use it more! The purple glass was my favorite. It’s the new cobalt blue, perhaps?

  • Just painted our front hallway a lovely eggplant. There’s a great purple couch at Anthropologie right now that I’m just dying for!

  • Did you read my mind?? I am working on my guest room/loft right now and chose purple as the color – but was having difficulties finding inspiration online. Thanks for this!

  • I’m purpling up now. Check out this link to a fabric on Spoonflower. I asked the designer, Valentina Ramos, to alter one of her patterns to add just the purples I wanted. The result is fantastic!

  • Any way to send a picture? I love purple too and my teenage daughters room is awesome…mint green and plum. The color combo is stunning.

  • +1 to purple and green being spectacular. I used to have a purple/green living room. Everyone thought I was insane until they saw it. Now it’s more gray/purple with apple/lime or orange accents that rotate in.

    Here in Germany purple is (and has been) very popular in fashion and home decor. Heaven