sneak peek: best of backsplashes


My own kitchen backsplash is an ugly brown tile that looks like something left over from the 1970s. I do my best to cover it up with my cutting boards and try to forget it’s there. I’ve always dreamed of a simple kitchen with a little extra kick in the backsplash area (growing up, my mother displayed tiles she collected from her travels behind our kitchen sink). Here’s a round-up of some nice solutions that our sneak peekers have cooked up. — Anne

Image above: Kimberly Cornelison and Alfie Ferreyra’s pattern-tiled kitchen

Image above: Emma and James Emmerson designed their kitchen to be monotone with bright splashes of graphic color, using hand-painted Turkish tiles as the backsplash.

Image above: The California kitchen of Cathy and Robin of Heath Ceramics

Click HERE for more backsplash inspiration after the jump!

Image above: The orange-and-gray-patterned tile backsplash from Nadeige & John of Choplet

Image above: Simple white in the kitchen of Sue and Matt Daly of Timber!

Image above: Wall-to-floor tiled bathroom in the Marrakesh home of Caitlin and Samuel of Popham Design

Image above: Catherine Hammerton’s bold blue and white tiles

Image above: A blue and white patterned backsplash for Lauren Stern

Image above: Eve Weinsheimer’s green Heath Ceramics backsplash wall

Image above: Chad Maltby’s subtle tiled backsplash

Image above: Tara Hogan’s temporary wallpaper backsplash

Image above: Adelle Robinson’s rustic kitchen with stone backsplash


All great example of color to create unique styles and tastes. I think all of these could be used well in new homes looking for unique flavor.


the backsplash image before the jump…what is that and where is it from? you never say.

Amanda (Dear Frances)

Absolutely loving Kimberly Cornelison and Alfie Ferreyra’s and Lauren Stern’s – both look so beautiful and cheery against the white cabinets. We inherited a kitchen with the crisp white cabinets, but unfortunately a gold and blue checked tile counter and backsplash that looks like a very weak attempt at recreating a Tuscan villa look. Blech. One of these days it will be replaced – and these will be my inspiration! Thanks!

Allyn Howard

I Love tiles, especially the top and blue & whites! and subway tiles are always appealing :) That Marrakesh bathroom pretty cool, too! I have old tiny beige & white squares as my backsplash, not my choice, but they’re kind of charming (i think)

Jayne (frm NZ)

These were lovely but they were mostly tiles. What about some diversity to get our creative juices flowing (not to mention some ideas that could save $). I personally have a large poster/picture that just leans on the wall behind my hob/stove. It’s a whole lot cheaper than tiles and you can wipe it down to clean it too (& easily replaced should my mood change).

Marguerite Casparian

One less (much less) expensive treatment is paint and glass. Paint the wall a fabulous color and have a piece of glass cut to fit the space exactly and install it secured at the top with short finishing nails up under the cabinet… or if there’s no shelf or cabinet at the top, use small mirror holders. Fast, cheap and easy to clean.