sivan askayo photography

Sometimes I wish I could trade lives with D*S editor Anne Ditmeyer for a day. She’s one of the bravest and most talented women I know, and she’s been living in Paris long enough to fool me into thinking she’s a native Parisian. She sent over a link to photographer Sivan Askayo’s work and knew exactly which series I would love: the laundry photos. Anne interviewed Sivan for her “Boarding Pass” column, but I wanted to share these gorgeous photos to start the day on a light, breezy note. It’s easy to get bogged down in cold weather and work this time of year, but these photos remind me of a sunnier time, when the summer air makes just about anything look beautiful floating around. Click here to see more of Sivan’s work online. Thanks, Anne! xo, grace

More photos of the laundry collection continue after the jump . . .


this is why I love photography. it’s really fun to see different, interesting views and feel amazed..:)


Probably never would have seen them through such a beautiful and fascinating angle if it weren’t for these picture. Quite mesmerized actually.


I usually am not so impressed by photography as an art, a pretty photo to me is usually just a replication of something that was already beautiful in real life (the photographer didn’t add anything to it, just captured it), but she’s created something new, the beauty of which I would not have appreciated if I didn’t see it through her perspective and composition