sam kweskin photography

When Amy and I were in Charleston for the book tour the other week, I found myself completely blown away by the work of a fantastic photographer, Sam Kweskin. Sam’s work was on display at my favorite local coffee shop, Hope & Union. The stunning large-scale photograph (above) of a beach shot from above was next to the coffee bar, and I loved it so much that I immediately snapped a picture of the artist’s name with the mission of tracking him or her down to get more info. Cut to the book event two hours later, and it turns out that Harper from Proud Mary, who joined us at the party, not only co-owns Hope & Union, but is also friends with the photographer I was searching for.

Harper gave me Sam’s name, and the next weekend, we were sitting down for coffee and watching the New York City Marathon cut through Williamsburg. Sam recently moved to Brooklyn from Los Angeles, and I was excited to hear more about his work. I love his approach to nature, shot simply with an eye for color and letting naturally occurring patterns and shapes shine. I’m most fond of his work that focuses on oceans and rivers, but there’s not a photograph in his portfolio I wouldn’t hang in my home. I’m currently saving up for the main photo above, but if you’re interested in purchasing (or showcasing in a gallery) Sam’s work, you can contact him via email right here. Thanks again to Harper for connecting me to Sam and to Sam for creating such beautiful images. xo, grace

More images of Sam’s work continue after the jump . . .


Love the clean look of the photographs, and the variations of color along with detail within the textures of natural design.


“I love his approach to nature, shot simply with an eye for color and letting naturally occurring patterns and shapes shine.”

No kidding. What’s stunning photos.


I admire that photograph every time I go to H+U! Thanks for writing about the artist and his work!


It seems like you and I are drawn to similar aesthetic in photography – a scene stripped down its basics so you can really enjoy small details, lines, shadows. I love simplicity in images. I actually make jewelry from my nature photography to help women carry this beauty into their daily hectic lives.

Thanks for yet another great find/ post.


I’m really drawn to photography and these are stunning. So glad these were shared here as I probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see his work otherwise!


Beautiful images captured in his photography. I would love to hang one of Sam’s pieces in my place:-)


Does anyone know where his photos can be purchased, preferably online?

Chris Stephenson

Wow. Truly beautiful. This photographer is able to take the familiar and make it extraordinary. Love the colors. Adore the patterns.