oui candles + garland

This year, I’ve been trying to avoid a few overused expressions. I have a bad habit of saying, “I’m not much of a [insert action]” as a way to shrug off laziness. But no more. I’ve started reading, walking more and eating healthier, and I’m finally seeing that it can be fun to turn over a new leaf and leave those sorts of shrug-offs behind. One slightly less motivational shrug-off I’ve abandoned this year was my lack of appreciation for candles. I’ve whined about them being pointless for years, and a few really nice ones (especially the Seven Seas scent) finally broke down my defenses. These pretty candles below are simple, handmade and use all-natural soy wax and essential oils.

Inspired by Japanese teacups, each of these candles from Angela at Oui is hand-thrown by a local potter and glazed in milk-glass white, black, neutrals or soft pastels. The best part is that the soy wax doesn’t leave any residue, so you can wash out the remaining bits with soap and water and use the container as a bowl, planter or cup when the candle is gone. These would make a sweet holiday or hostess gift, so if you’re in the market for something that looks and smells good, click here to check out and shop Angela’s collection online. xo, grace

*I’m also kind of smitten with Angela’s ceramic bead garland (above). It feels so sweet and homemade.

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Punctuation Mark

this is so cute… love the idea of this garland…

I’m really into candles and love these ones that leave no residue and on top of that smell good!!!

Andrea @ the yellow cottage

I can imagine the field day my cats would have with that garland! It is super cute. I always forget to light candles, but when I do light some little tealights it makes everything so nice and cozy. Smelly ones always seem to be so strong…


The candles are adorable, but unless that price is for a DOZEN, that’s ridiculously over-priced. Even for hand-thrown pottery and soy candles.


Nope, $65 for ONE candle. Adorable, but unless it can clean or do other chores, way too much for a candle.


I love this – I too banged on for years about the uselessness of candles, but have recently embraced their warm light once more :D