new from schoolhouse electric: furniture, tableware, bedding & more

by Grace Bonney

As if I needed another reason to be excited about going back to Portland,* Schoolhouse Electric has gone and given me another one. I’ve been a fan of Schoolhouse Electric’s period lighting for a while now, but I was thrilled to hear about their expansion earlier this summer. I’d heard buzzing among local Portland bloggers that they would be producing a tableware line, but it wasn’t until I got a little sneak peek at their new showroom that I realized the full depth of their evolution. Not only is Schoolhouse Electric producing furniture, they’re teaming up with fantastic local designers like Tess from Egg Press and Adam Arnold to create amazing upholstered furniture (including the best slipcovers I’ve ever seen), bedding, kitchen textiles, hardware and tableware. I stumbled onto their photoshoot while I was in Portland this summer and actually got to see most of these pieces up close, and they are even more beautiful in person.

I love just about everything that Tess and the entire Egg Press team touch, so I was overjoyed to see her designs applied to fabric. Tess’ textile collection with Schoolhouse Electric includes beautiful bedding, pillows and tea towels, but the little bolsters above are my favorite. They straddle the line between grown-up and kid-friendly like a pro.

Speaking of pro, Adam Arnold really knocked my socks off with the amazing slipcovers he designed for the new collection. Michelle described them as “skinny jeans for your sofa,” and that comparison is spot-on. Most slipcovers feel saggy or ill-fitting in some way, but these colorful slipcovers look flawless in person. I’ve seriously never seen slipcovers this sleek (I didn’t know they were slipcovers until Michelle told me). I kept running my hands over the side zippers at their studio; it’s about time someone made a slipcover that wasn’t baggy or in a boring color. High-fives all around to Adam and the SE team for finally solving that problem. I’m really excited to see if they expand that collection over time to include even more patterns and colors (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for jewel-toned velvets).

The full collection launches today at the new Schoolhouse Electric site right here. Congrats to Michelle, Tess and Adam on the gorgeous new designs. xo, grace

*Stay tuned for news about a fun project I’m working on in Portland next month! Info will be posted tomorrow or Friday . . .

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  • While I love a good trip to Portland, you can always get your “fix” of Schoolhouse Electric in Tribeca, at their retail showroom at 27 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013 (On the corner of Hudson and Vestry)…
    It’s the next BEST thing! Love what they are doing!!!

  • Grace,
    Thank you so much for doing what you do!!! I have Design*Sponge set as my home page and just love checking out your latest post before continuing on to my other internet endeavors. I’m so excited to get my hands on your book (it should be arriving soon).

    Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  • Is the little pillow-critter with the red, feature-less “face” (seen in the photograph with the gentleman sewing) available for purchase? Have been trolling the Schoolhouse Electric site and cannot seem to find… him? Her? It. And I covet one!

  • I seriously squealed out loud when I saw this post! Most of our lights are schoolhouse electric – it’s only a matter of time before we add some of their awesome housewares!

  • How about that FANTASTICALLY designed credenza made by local furniture designer and maker Reed LaPlant (www.reedlaplant.com) or the caster wheeled coffee table?! We have several of his pieces in our home and are very excited to see him team with Schoolhouse to provide such a remarkable line of locally crafted home furniture. The artists involved in crafting the new space within that old building deserve high recognition too; it’s a truly amazing transformation.

  • Wow! I love this company, and it seems they are just getting better and better at each turn, doesn’t it? And as a new mom myself, can I just say – Bravo on the slipcovers! Seriously…how long has the world been waiting for stylish, really FITTED slipcovers in gorgeous fabrics? Forever, that’s how long. Thank you for sharing this, you’ve really made my day, xo Laura

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I have been in love with School House Electric for years and now I lusting after them. I just had to blog about it and now I am saving for the gorgeous burnt orange Langley Ottoman!

  • i love the purple velvet on the chair. It would never occur to me to have a velvet piece in the home. After reading this blog and the Decoratosbest blog on their amazing range of velvet fabrics i am now inspired to upholster a few chairs in my home!