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When I first started D*S, I felt like I had endless time to follow link after link and load websites until I fell asleep against the soft blue glow of a computer screen. This weekend I finally had a bit of time to get back on my laptop and fall into a few online rabbit holes. One of my favorites came via a link on Joy’s site, which brought me to Sho & Tell (I lost a good hour going through her archives), which led to lots of smiles at Kim Baise’s Etsy shop, Jikits. These Mobile Home mobiles are such a sweet little surprise, and I love that Kim includes all the places she’d like to stay for a getaway, including a teepee, igloo and an a-frame. Each mobile measures approximately 2.5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide and is made from a mix of materials including papier-mâché, toothpicks and sticks collected from Kim’s walks outside. Click here to check out Kim’s full collection of mobiles (and other goods) online; it’s a great shop to visit for the person on your holiday list who already has everything. xo, grace

*Kim’s mobiles remind me of 3D versions of my favorite Lena Corwin city maps.

Alix Houghton

Small things are so dreamy– puppies, kittens, mobiles. Love them.


I bought this mobile over a year ago for my little girl! I have since started making and selling leather mobiles, but I still hang this one over my little girl’s crib because I love it that much! She loves it too. Kim is a wonderful person as well, she was so kind when I bought the mobile and we’ve stayed in touch!

Callen Thompson

Oh so glad to see Kim’s work here! She’s a delightful, kind, loving person and an amazing artist to boot. We traded this summer and her “flying things” mobile hangs prominently in my living room! It makes the room.


Aw, isn’t her work lovely? I’m so glad you found it! And thanks so much for linking back to my blog – so glad you found that, too! :)

gluten free gift

This is adorable… love the naive quality of each little abode! Her etsy site is refreshing too… lots of quirky and “original” items (hard to find in the quagmire of etsy!) thanks for sharing this delightfully refreshing work!