mobile homes

by Grace Bonney

When I first started D*S, I felt like I had endless time to follow link after link and load websites until I fell asleep against the soft blue glow of a computer screen. This weekend I finally had a bit of time to get back on my laptop and fall into a few online rabbit holes. One of my favorites came via a link on Joy’s site, which brought me to Sho & Tell (I lost a good hour going through her archives), which led to lots of smiles at Kim Baise’s Etsy shop, Jikits. These Mobile Home mobiles are such a sweet little surprise, and I love that Kim includes all the places she’d like to stay for a getaway, including a teepee, igloo and an a-frame. Each mobile measures approximately 2.5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide and is made from a mix of materials including papier-mâché, toothpicks and sticks collected from Kim’s walks outside. Click here to check out Kim’s full collection of mobiles (and other goods) online; it’s a great shop to visit for the person on your holiday list who already has everything. xo, grace

*Kim’s mobiles remind me of 3D versions of my favorite Lena Corwin city maps.

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