luxe gifts for tech lovers

This is my last round of holiday gift roundups for MyLifeScoop; naturally, I saved the craziest list for last. These are the newest, fanciest, coolest tech gadgets and accessories out there. If you’ve been saving all year for yourself or someone special, you may find just the thing on this list. My favorites are the cool new Lytro light field camera (that nifty box-with-a-lens thing in the image below) and the sumptuous leather and wool accessories from Hard Graft, but really, everything here is awesome, well designed, beautifully made and really fun to use. You can see the full list of products here. Enjoy! — Kate



I’m really interested in the kindle fire. Not nearly as lovely as the iPad, but the price is very nice.

Olden Home

This post has me drooling! That Kate Spade laptop bag is so lovely, but sadly at about half the price of a laptop I don’t think I can ever justify it. Same goes for the Juicy iPad case, but I love it so much that if I still have that love-it-can’t-live-without-it feeling a week from now it might actually happen! I’ve also been excited about the Lytro camera since I first heard about it and hope it’s just as easy to use as it seems. Thank you, Kate, for the exciting roundup!